ZXC utility token

Blockchain API gateway

Build decentralized apps using fungible and non-fungible tokens quickly, cost efficiently and securely.

The project is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union - European Regional Development Fund. The subject of this project relates to the development of the application - a decentralized application for issuing and verifying certificates - previously ACADEMIA. More about the cohesion policy in Slovenia at www.eu-skladi.si. [More]

Using blockchain in your dapp has never been easier

0xcert API was purposely built to speed up adoption of blockchain technologies, since it provides the same versatile functionality as the 0xcert Framework, but is much easier to work with and requires much less development expertise.

With an API Dashboard everything becomes even more transparent and givers you overview of everything that’s going on with your app.

Access API Dashboard
0xcert API dashboard

Add blockchain assets to your project using decentralized API

Integrate digital assets functionality into your existing application in seconds with just a few lines of code.
import { Cert } from '@0xcert/cert';
import { schema88 } from '@0xcert/conventions';

const metadata = {
  $schema: 'https://0xcert.org/conventions/88-crypto-collectible.json',
  $evidence: 'https://troopersgame.com/dog/evidence.json',
  name: 'Magic Sword',
  description: 'Deadly weapon which can severely injure the enemy.',
  image: 'https://troopersgame.com/dog.jpg',
const cert = new Cert({
  schema: schema88,
const schemaId = await cert.identify();
const evidence = await cert.notarize(metadata);
const imprint = await cert.imprint(metadata);

Specify the data that represent your asset, create a corresponding data object according to a JSON Schema and hash it into two digital proofs. The first, the Imprint, is hashed with the in-house developed ASH algorithm, and the second, the Evidence, is hashed with the revolutionary in-house developed AIH algorithm that enables advanced selective verification later on.