Decentralization as a Service

Blockchain API gateway for building decentralized apps quickly, cost efficiently and securely. No Solidity.

The project is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union - European Regional Development Fund. More about the cohesion policy in Slovenia:

import { Cert } from '@0xcert/cert';
import { schema88 } from '@0xcert/conventions';

const metadata = {
  $schema: '',
  $evidence: '',
  name: 'Magic Sword',
  description: 'Deadly weapon which can severely injure the enemy.',
  image: '',
const cert = new Cert({
  schema: schema88,
const schemaId = await cert.identify();
const evidence = await cert.notarize(metadata);
const imprint = await cert.imprint(metadata);

Specify the data that represent your asset, create a (corresponding) data object according to a JSON scheme and hash it into two digital proofs. The first, the Imprint, is hashed with the well-known SHA256 algorithm, and the second, the Evidence, is hashed with the revolutionary in-house developed SXH2 algorithm that enables advanced selective verification later on.