About Us

0xcert aims to provide a foundation for trustless, non-fungible tokens on the blockchain, and to unify the community to its fullest.

Who are we

The 0xcert team is a conglomerate of talent, skills, imagination, and execution. While 0xcert products are mostly powered by the knowledge of code, other departments are involved just as well.

We tend to bring value to the open-source community engaged with the 0xcert protocol, to connect individuals and groups working in the area of non-fungibility or certification, and to provide resources and support for the related community-driven incentives.


0xcert’s mission is to make non-fungibility on the blockchain and its benefits accessible and easy to use to the broadest community possible.

We aim to bring the world’s next-gen technology to everyone in an intuitive, simple, and secure manner. Through the 0xcert protocol, we are building the infrastructure to applicability potentials of the blockchain.

Our work is lead and inspired by:

  • The blockchain revolution
  • Open-source knowledge and information
  • Universal utility and applicability
  • Optimization of processes
  • Data and asset protection


Through the adoption of blockchain tech, we believe many sectors can benefit and improve their asset management. From fine art to real-estate, from IDs to collectibles, application possibilities of NFTs are endless and overwhelming. But we believe they all can be executed in an intuitive manner and easily applied to everyday life as we know it.

With our code, tools, and applications, we are bringing this vision to life. Check out our Verifier , and follow our progress on the products and events yet to come.

Get in touch with non-fungibility

Contact us at hello@0xcert.org for product inquiries, marketing, or just to say hi.