Bounty program 2018 - EXPIRED!🚫


Are you a content creator, really passionate about blockchain and cryptocurrencies and have a community of followers? Read carefully.

  • If you are a social media influencer, publishing a post about 0xcert can earn you a maximum of 1.000 ZXC tokens. 1.000 ZXC tokens.
  • If you organize a meetup about 0xcert, we will reward you with a maximum of 100 ZXC tokens per participant (total maximum of 2.500 ZXC)
  • If you are an influential YouTuber/vlogger and will produce video presenting 0xcert, maximum of 2.000 ZXC tokens could be waiting for you.
  • If you are a blogger with your own community of readers and will share with them your views on 0xcert, we’ll show our appreciation with a maximum of 1.000 ZXC tokens.

The total volume of earnings will be assessed on individual basis depending on the quality and reach and will be discussed directly with the author.

Please follow these guidelines in creating your content:

  • Use English, Chinese, Russian or Spanish language (for other languages ping one of the bounty moderators)
  • Your posts and promotions must be publicly visible and searchable
  • The content must be original — no plagiarism please!
  • ️Your content must contain the link to our webpage:
  • ️Include a call to action to encourage people to join our Telegram and Twitter channels

📩 When you’re ready, submit your post, article or thread to THIS FORM. We will check every submission manually and weed out the fakes.

💡 Have some other cool ideas on how you could act as our content ambassador? Share it on our Bounty hunter Telegram channel- HERE 📩


Do you have the the skill, the nerve and the time to help us out with translation of some key documents?

If YES, then Translation & Proofreading bounty is a perfect place for you to earn some additional ZXC tokens.

We are looking for quality translators with a proven track record to help us translate & proofread our LIGHTPAPER.

👉 Register HERE!

Please join our bounty channel HERE and DM our admins to get your materials.

Rewards (first come - first serve basis):

4000 ZXC - Translation

2000 ZXC - Proofreading

Languages still available:

  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Slovenian
  • Japanese
  • Arabic

❗️NOTE: You can only apply for either translation or proofreading. You cannot do both. Unfortunately, time is not on our side so apply only if you can have the translation done in matter of days. Only quality translations will be rewarded!


Yaay, we’ve reached the maximum number of Telegram bounty members! Big thanks to everyone who participated.

If you haven't yet, please submit your invitations HERE.

You will be able to check the rewards you earned by the end of this week.

Congratulations, if you participated in the Telegram Bounty you will receive your tokens after the crowdsale ends.

NOTE: You will not get tokens if you leave the group or stay inactive (same goes for the people you invited) We want community members who are engaged and who will stay active for at least two months — until the end of the CROWDSALE on July 28th, 2018.