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Public Crowdsale SOLD OUT!

0 ZXC tokens available (0%) / 20,744.42 ETH contributed
Private Pre-sale
15,000,000 ZXC
135,000,000 ZXC
206.157.402 ZXC Public Pre-sale Cap
250,000,000 ZXC

Huge thanks to everyone who contributed in our Public Crowdsale!
On this point, 0xcert ICO is successfully funded!

Token Distribution

The 0xcert token distribution is found in the table below. 50% of all tokens are reserved to be sold in different stages of the crowdsale. The remaining is served for team, current and future stakeholders and future reserves.
Token distribution % total tokens Purpose
Pre-ICO 3.00% Token sale
Token sale (crowdsale) 47.00% Token sale
Founders and team 15.00% Incentives alignment
Advisors & Legal 6.00% Incentives alignment
Liquidity Pool 5.00% Supporting token liquidity
Community Pool 12.00% Supporting development of protocol community, allocated to Foundation
Bounties 2.00% Bug Bounties, allocated to Foundation
Reserves 10.00% Future development fund
Distributed tokens differ in their lock-up period. The Founders, Team and Advisors have tokens locked-up in different periods. The buyers do not have tokens locked-up.
  • Lock-up for Buyers: None
  • Lock-up for Founders: Locked for 6 months then 12.5% and 12.5% every 3 months
  • Lock-up for Team: 20% released at ICO and 15% every three months after ICO
  • Lock-up for Advisors: 20% at ICO, 40% in three months, 40% in six months
  • Lock-up for Reserves: 2 years

Distribution schedule

The distribution of the tokens will be done via the the crowdsale smart contract, with the following design:
  • The Pre-ICO and Private Presale buyers will receive their purchased ZXC tokens to the ETH wallet address they have provided to 0xcert.
  • The Public Presale and the Crowdsale buyers will receive their purchased ZXC tokens to the originating ETH wallet address from where the ETH funds to purchase ZXC token have been sent.
  • All token buyers will receive their ZXC token the latest 7 days after the final date of the public crowdsale.
  • The unsold tokens allocated to the token sale will be burnt within 7 days after the final end date of the public crowdsale.
  • The remaining 50% of tokens (not allocated to token sale) will be distributed to their respective ETH wallet addresses within 7 days after the final end date of the public crowdsale.
All the distributed tokens will be locked up until 7 days after the final end date of the public crowdsale. Once the tokens are unlocked, the buyers can move them. This timeline is based on Ethereum network functioning normally and provided there are no lags.

Funds allocation

The funds collected in the token sale will be used with the following allocation:
Funds allocation % of funds
Development 50.00%
Marketing 15.00%
Legal 10.00%
Operations 10.00%
Setting up the Foundation 5.00%
Foundation funds 10.00%
The last two allocation areas are aimed at setting up the 0xcert foundation as a separate legal entity as well as transfering a part of funds to the Foundation to enable immediate foundation operations.