Blockchain Developer

To work with a pioneering and extremely promising solution, 0xcert is looking for a Blockchain Developer with hands-on experience in Solidity and excited about helping bring the blockchain technology to a widespread use.

At 0xcert, you will:

  • Become our multi-purpose blockchain dev guru, responsible for coordination and integration in our blockchain development,
  • Not get bored with work, as the nature of our business will make you interact with every important technology.

You have:

  • Solid programming skills, with strong experience in Solidity and other supporting infrastructure.
  • Strong software engineering background, including strong skills in testing, source control, documentation, and troubleshooting.
  • Prior contributions to any other blockchain solutions as a strong plus,
  • Innovative and open-source orientated mindset.

We offer:

  • A competitive salary - if we are impressed with you and your work, we'll accommodate your expectations,
  • Experience in the emerging blockchain technology ecosystem,
  • Front-and-center participation in networking,
  • A relaxed working environment, full of open-minded and fun-loving young people.

If you ticked off the above points and feel like you should be the next member of the 0xcert team, drop us a line or two with your resume and a reason for deciding to do so.

The blockchain tech is an incredible mechanism for the digital tomorrow. But we need people to make it work.

We’re expecting your email at