0xcert and Wanchain enter a strategic alliance

0xcert and Wanchain enter a strategic alliance

0xcert, the first open protocol supporting the future of unique digital assets, and Wanchain, the distributed financial infrastructure using cross-blockchain smart contracts with privacy protection, announced today a strategic alliance for the implementation of the non-fungible tokens standard on Wanchain.

New milestone

0xcert is proudly announcing that a strategic alliance with Wanchain, the distributed financial infrastructure based on cross-blockchain smart contracts, has been officially formed.

This is an important milestone in 0xcert's path towards a global and cross-industry adoption of non-fungible tokens.

After having just recently conducted and finished the first ever ICO with ERC-721 tokens used in the KYC procedure, 0xcert is now on it's way to bring the power of unique assets to one of the leaders in blockchain infrastructures, Wanchain.

Goals and usability

The alliance was built with the goal of providing developers an additional blockchain infrastructure option, along with cross-chain functionality and improved privacy component.

After the last-year craze around CryptoKitties marking the beginning of non-fungible tokens, the ERC-721 standard has just recently been officially confirmed, proving the importance of non-fungible direction the blockchain world is heading towards.

0xcert is among the first project striving to provide a complete framework for developers to build decentralized apps. Through those, unique assets, such as real-estate properties, artwork, or collectibles, can be digitally represented, tokenized, and verified.

Through Wanchain, 0xcert protocol will also be running on Wan network, leveraging also its improved privacy and cross-chain features.

Combined power

One of the main advantages for both 0xcert and Wanchain is enabling exchange of digital assets, providing security, privacy and a verification standard for everyone involved.

Besides, blockchain ecosystem will be improved by the infrastructure provided by 0xcert and Wanchain, which will empower blockchain startups as well as traditional organizations.

“At Wanchain, we have always strived to be one step ahead of the game and we are optimistic about the non-fungible token standard in the future. There’s so much one could do with the right toolset, and we’re really happy to see 0xcert has embarked on this journey - now with an extensive focus on Wanchain,”

said Jack Lu, Founder of Wanchain.

Kristijan Sedlak, Co-founder and CTO of 0xcert, added:

“Focusing on our solution - an open-source protocol that strives to be community-driven for managing non-fungible tokens on the blockchain - will through partnering with Wanchain broaden the use of non-fungible tokens. It will be exciting to see how this new category will be used and how it will soon create completely new experiences.”