0xcert API - blockchain to every business

0xcert API - blockchain to every business

Here it is! A long-awaited product, the first decentralized API that will transform the way businesses and developers interact with the blockchain. The 0xcert API is a fully decentralised web service built on top of the existing 0xcert open-source infrastructure, which wraps 0xcert functionalities in a common API interface.

You will now be able to issue and manage your unique assets on the blockchain like never before.

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First the Framework, now the API

Just a few days ago we released the 0xcert Framework v2.0 that already improves blockchain-based issuing and management of non-fungible tokens by a mile. However, it still requires a certain level of coding knowledge and presumes that a developer handles transaction states and retries by themselves, regulates the gas consumption, etc.

0xcert API Dashboard

So we wanted to push the envelope.

Our mission is to bring the power of building on the blockchain to everyone, regardless of their development skills.

The result? An extremely advanced 0xcert API that packs all the Framework functions into a standard API service.

But because this is a whole new product for developers, we also updated the documentation, neatly dividing it into two separate parts that cover both the Framework as wella s the 0xcert API.

The first fully decentralized API

As the latest innovation made by the 0xcert developers, the 0xcert API is built on top of the open-source 0xcert Framework and is the first fully decentralized API.

Fully decentralized, how?

The API is indeed a hosted solution, but it's still a fully decentralized service. So how does it work?

  1. A developer prepares the orders on their side,
  2. Signs the orders with their key, much like every other participant in the order,
  3. And sends them for execution to the 0xcert API.

The order contains all the transaction details, from the actions to be executed to the price of each transaction.

If an order is completed as it should be, the 0xcert API executes the transaction. If not, no transaction takes place.

The power of atomic transactions

The 0xcert API executes orders through atomic transactions.

We presented this innovation a year ago, and since then, we've improved and perfected the atomic transaction mechanism, covering basically all the use cases demanded by the market and industries.

One of the major improvements are multi-sig atomic transactions. These enable atomic operations among several participants, but also allow for advanced approval functionalities, higher levels of automatization, and other features.

Atomic transactions also enhance the decentralized aspect of the 0xcert API. Much like atomic transactions in the 0xcert Framework, the atomic transaction made through the API can be either executed fully or not at all.

Every atomic transaction is signed by the participants of the order. This means that the content of an atomic transaction cannot be altered or influenced by neither 0xcert nor by any unauthorized party. What's more, the blockchain-based transactions only support the execution of an order package (atomic operation) signed by the participant.

This makes atomic transactions completely hack-proof, and gives the participant the power to remain the owner of all their data and to manage the related orders in their full autonomy.

How to use the 0xcert API?

The 0xcert API allows you to read the data on the blockchain with free queries, while writing and editing of transactions through mutations only require the use of a credit card or ZXC tokens, and no ETH. Recently, we also introduced dapp tokens into the 0xcert ecosystem and they work in the exact same way with the 0xcert API as they do with Evidenspace. As a matter of fact, the Evidenspace platform is actually powered by the 0xcert API!

Communication with the 0xcert API runs through the REST protocol. We've also compiled the 0xcert Client, a library that packs up all the relatively complex parts which would otherwise require manual writing when using the 0xcert Framework. The 0xcert Client is super straightforward and easy - it's written for TypeScript/JavaScript and NodeJS, and can be used both in browsers as well as servers.

Other than that, the 0xcert API leaves a developer with a very familiar experience, similar to dealing with standard services, such as payment gateway, e-mail gateway, etc.

Blockchain to every business

After months of development, we're proud to give you the 0xcert API, a service created for all the businesses and organizations that consider integrating blockchain tech and that are used to building their systems quickly through APIs. Our goal is to make blockchain integrations and development as easy and arbitrary as it is today with payment APIs, email APIs, messaging APIs, etc.

The 0xcert API is still in its beta phase, so we invite everyone to try it free of charge on the Rinkeby testnet and let us know how it serves your purposes.

Shortly, we will also compile a series of in-depth tutorials to demonstrate just how easy we've made it for you to become a blockchain developer and/or lead your business to the new era.

Stay tuned and until then: Have your business run on the blockchain through the 0xcert API

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