0xcert API Ethereum mainnet release

0xcert API Ethereum mainnet release

A few weeks ago, we announced the testnet release of 0xcert API. Much as with a recent full release of 0xcert Framework 2.0, the open bug bounty has demonstrated the stability of the base infrastructure of 0xcert API and paved the way for today’s announcement: the release of 0xcert API on the Ethereum mainnet.

Access 0xcert API

0xcert API is built on top of the full 0xcert technology infrastructure. While offering the same powerful suite of tools as the 0xcert Framework, 0xcert API requires far less domain expertise to use. 0xcert API is designed for developers who are familiar with blockchain technology but may not have the time or necessity to develop an in-depth technical understanding of the field.

Fundamentally, 0xcert API simplifies the issuance and management of non-fungible ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, making it easier than ever for projects to integrate this powerful blockchain functionality into their software. We hope this ease of use will rapidly accelerate the adoption of blockchain across the technology industry.

The range of possibilities with 0xcert API is limitless, but some of the most interesting use cases include:

  • Collectibles: Issue unique digital collectibles like game tickets, vouchers, and video game assets.
  • Certificates: Use unique, transferable certificates to streamline the process of issuing, certifying, and verifying credentials, academic or professional.
  • Education: With both formal and informal education, blockchain degrees and credentials greatly speed up skills and education verification processes.
  • Supply chain: Automation and speeding up of the sales and procurement processes due to the possession of proper digital certificates. Implementation of track and trace systems for transparency and auditing purposes.

If you’ve been thinking about integrating blockchain functionality into your product, now’s the time. Learn more about 0xcert API in our new documentation, or get started leveraging the power of blockchain right away.

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