Meet us in Miami and hear about the new 0xcert milestone!

Meet us in Miami and hear about the new 0xcert milestone!

If you're in Miami next week, make sure you join us for the North American Bitcoin Conference.

The next in the series of Bitcoin conferences organized by Keynote and Moe Levin will be the 7th annual gathering of thousands of Bitcoin and blockchain A-listers, executives, investors, and government officials.

The James L Knight Center in Miami will be the host to over 150 speakers that will take the stage on January 17 and 18.

Among those, we're excited to have our CEO Kristijan Sedlak join the line-up with a very special task - not only will he present 0xcert to a wide blockchain-savvy audience looking for new insights, updates, and solutions for their businesses, but he'll also deliver a special treat.

Written in milestone

This is an especially exciting and important time for us. After months of all the hard work our developers have poured into the final code, we're approaching our next major milestone at a breakneck pace. And the Miami audience will be lucky to hear about it first.

The product that Kristijan will announce will mark a new approach towards building decentralized apps and will dramatically change the way developers create and interact with them.

It will be 0xcert time at the North American Bitcoin Conference on Thursday, January 17, at 5pm Miami time.

0xcertifying the venue at our non-fungible booth

If the 15 min speech by Kristijan will not answer all your questions about 0xcert and what kind of solution can we provide, you can book a meeting with him and ask away.

If one-on-one meetings are not your thing, stop by our booth no. 213 where the other members of the team will be happy to talk you through 0xcert. And - while you're there, get yourself some 0xcert merch.

Just look for sky blue and white, and get closer to non-fungibility by meeting the 0xcert team.

Live or remote - Miami is not to be missed.

Even though we try to attend important events around the globe as frequently as possible and we're no strangers to border control, the next week's event will not be like any other.

Important, company-defining milestones only come by every once in a while, but when they do, it's a thing everyone on the team is talking about for months.

And we cannot wait to share it with you.

Make sure you follow our social media closely, as we'll do our best to convert them into a window to Kristijan's talk in Miami to let you watch the new 0xcert product meet its new audience.

We welcome you onto the 0xcert journey on either side of the screen. Miami, bring it on!

The North American Bitcoin Conference: January 16 - 18, 2019 (edited)