0xcert at HEK.si Conference

0xcert at HEK.si Conference

With increasing digitization of nearly every sphere of work and life, the ethical or white hat hacking strives to fight back the digital threats and provide preventive and corrective measures for the issues and challenges of digital management of data.

The upcoming Ethical Hacking Conference HEK.si in Ljubljana will give voice to the latest best practices and solutions for the information safety and data management for the seventh time in a row.

What can 0xcert bring to the table?

Quite a lot, actually. Although our work doesn't revolve around hacking per se, our Framework's applications are providing a new approach to (several) old problems.

Our CSO Urban will give a talk about the frequently erupting problem of fraudulent academic credentials and their consequences, and present the solution we're building in collaboration with the leading Slovenian scientific research institution, the Jožef Stefan Institute.

A platform that combines the blockchain tech with the power of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will enable academic institutions to bring their certificates to a state-of-the-art, secure, and cross-border level, for the benefit of their reputation as well as their students.

Hacking the future of academia

Since the conference will be held in our backyard, the whole 0xcert team will join Urban at the event. So come and join us in Ljubljana at the Ethical Hacking Conference to discover the hacks for next-level academic credentials and learn more about the sensitive data management solutions via decentralized applications.

When: April 4-5 (Urban's talk: April 5, 10 am)
Where: Gospodarsko razstavišče, Ljubljana, Slovenia