0xcert on Times Square in NYC

0xcert on Times Square in NYC

Right after the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, the US of A are waiting for 0xcert once more.

In February, we're going to the NFT.NYC Conference in downtown New York.

Non-fungible discussions

The NFT.NYC is a perfect fit for 0xcert — it’s all about non-fungibility.

A great number of A-listers and veterans of the NFT field will show up, and our CSO Urban Osvald will share the stage with over 60 non-fungible minds.

Non-fungibility is a broad and diverse sphere, and there is no shortage of topics to choose from for each talk we present.

Our recent work was dealing with academic credentials on one side and building the underlying Framework that allows various applications across fields on the other. Sourcing from both subjects, Urban will present the transformative power of NFTs based on the use case of academic credentials.

Make sure you mark your calendar on February 20, 2019.

Non-fungible tickets

The NFT.NYC Conference has been non-fungible to its core way before its launch — the tickets to the event are available as NFTs that you can store as a collectible. The theory of blockchain-based tickets has become a reality with CyrptoTickets issued by OpenSea.

Such NFTickets are a precious asset, so make sure you store yours safely, you never know how valuable it can become in a couple of years.

Non-fungible streams

Such an array of non-fungible celebs at one spot is definitely not to be missed. We'll stay in the loop with the event’s Twitter feed and you should, too - click Follow and don't miss any update.

Non-fungible support

The whole NFT community has been waiting for such an event for a long time, and now that it’s here, we’re proud that our Non-fungible Alliance is supporting it on behalf of all its members.

Still don't have your CryptoTicket? Get one and meet us in non-fungible New York.

Date: Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Venue: PlayStation Theater, NYC Times Square
Official website: https://www.nft.nyc/