0xcert Dev Team at Web3 Summit

0xcert Dev Team at Web3 Summit

No day is rest day for 0xcert, and two of our tech people are getting ready for tomorrow's launch of the Web3 Summit in the capital of Germany.

Our CEO Kristijan Sedlak is bringing the 0xcert vibes to the event together with Tadej Vengust, our Solidity developer.

Berlin Decentralized

This Berlin event is tailored specifically for and attracting developers and researchers, with the aim of supporting the creation of a fully functional decentralized web.

During the 3-day agenda, the Summit will touch topics from computational language to messaging, from APIs to protocols. Of our main interest, of course, are blockchain, protocol-related discussions, and governance-tech coordination.

Room Full of Smart

While many other blockchain-related events are almost turning into a flamboyant runway of brands targeting new business opportunities, the Web3 Summit is more ascetically (first hint - its beautiful minimalist website) pragmatic and all about learning, knowledge, ideas, and the power of (collective) mind.

The venue, Berlin's Funkhaus, will host workshops, AMA sessions, hackathon, and platforms for live development and coding.

Our Kristijan and Tadej are already making room in their brain to pack in some new knowledge, freshen up their skills department, and bring the latest insights from the world of code back home to share with the rest of the 0xcert team.

Their socializing skills will not be ignored, though. With such a high number of dev peers at one place (over 1,000 brains!), the event is a great spot to re-encounter old faces and meet new ones. As the Web3 Summit put it, it's the "IRL proximity" that brings new ideas about.

Devs + Protocol = A Perfect Match

The usability of the 0xcert protocol, the brainchild of our CEO Kristijan and fruit of the whole 0xcert dev team, is mostly targeted at developers, to enable them a faster, more reliable, and intuitive development of their dapps on the blockchain.

Obviously, our target audience overlaps with the Web3 Summit's participants. So, naturally, we see the event as an optimal place to spread the word about 0xcert, and more importantly, to get invaluable feedback from our peers and potential users.

The benefit of attending the Berlin's Web3 Summit would, therefore, be two-fold: first - to sharpen our skills, and second - to bring 0xcert closer to our target. And we aim to gain them both.

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