0xcert Framework 1.4.0 successfully integrated with Wanchain

0xcert Framework 1.4.0 successfully integrated with Wanchain

Less than four weeks since our Wanchain integration plan announcement, we're excited to release the 0xcert Framework 1.4.0 with Wanchain Integration.

As promised, we have expanded the applicability of our protocol for building dapps, along with the general use and adoption of decentralized applications across various blockchain systems.

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Wanchain - cross-chain management of digital assets

The focus of Wanchain is to establish a new financial market of digital assets, through employing their technology of cross-chain transactions. The Wanchain blockchain serves as an independent blockchain that enables the exchange of digital values between blockchains in a decentralized way.

On the one hand, Wanchain enables transfers of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ERC-20 tokens, and on the other, it serves as a framework for building financial applications that leverage their smart contracts and privacy protection protocols.

The power of Wanchain integration in the 0xcert Framework

As planned, by leveraging Wanchain as the second blockchain provider, the 0xcert Framework will provide two-fold benefits:

  1. The users of the 0xcert Framework will be able to work on cross-chain ERC-721 NFT transactions and private transactions.
  2. The developers building on Wanchain can already create and manage ERC-721 non-fungible and ERC-20 fungible tokens on Wanchain and execute atomic swaps.

After building with Ethereum as the first blockchain provider, the 0xcert Framework has now truly become a blockchain-agnostic tool for asset management. Next off, we will work on adding other decentralized systems, too.

Currently, you can connect to the Wanchain node via HTTP Provider, and soon, we will add the Wanmask provider to be supported within the 0xcert Framework.

Functionalities of the Framework 1.4.0

To ensure that the usability of the Framework remains equal for both Ethereum and Wanchain developers, we've kept and included the same functionalities for asset management in both versions of the 0xcert Framework, namely:

  • creation (minting), certification, transfer of ERC-721 non-fungible tokens
  • management of ERC-20 fungible tokens
  • atomic operations of ERC-721/ERC-20 tokens in bulks (many-to-many)
  • conventions for interoperability


The Bug Bounty Program that we've launched for the 0xcert Framework is valid and invites submissions for the Wanchain integration version, as well.

If you think the code or style should be improved, you can join our bounty and earn rewards for helping us create a better Framework for building dapps.

Or, if you get stuck and would just like to talk the issues through with our developers, do log in to our Gitter channel and ask away.

Start building your next dapp on the Wanchain blockchain with the 0xcert Framework or stay tuned for updates!