Bitski digital wallet integrated with the 0xcert Framework

Bitski digital wallet integrated with the 0xcert Framework

The blockchain is closer than ever!

Yes, the blockchain tech has been the headline-making buzzword for a while now. But for people outside this parallel world, just thinking about all the things one needs to understand before dipping a toe into the pool of decentralized possibilities could cause a migraine.

If you want to communicate with the blockchain, you'd need to install MetaMask on your browser, create a digital wallet, understand the use of personal and private keys, comprehend and be aware of security concerns and how to prevent them - all this before you even begin to interact with the blockchain.

Obviously, such a cumbersome procedure doesn't bring much to the adoption of the blockchain tech in real life and among the general audience.

If you want to encourage ordinary Joes to create a digital entity on the blockchain and interact with it, you should think in their terms.

Build your own dapp

Bitski makes connecting to blockchain a breeze

Bitski is the first digital wallet for mainstream adoption. Its single sign-on wallet breaks down the barrier of having to know and understand the critical terms of communicating with the blockchain and makes it as easy as signing into your personal Google or Facebook account.

Would you have to set up a unique digital wallet? Nah, nothing like that.
How about installing MetaMask extension and dealing with its complex UX? No, no need for it.
Should you understand the concept of a public and private key and protect it as the apple of your eye? No, neither.
But you were advised to get one of those clunky hardware wallets? They become obsolete, too.

Bitski does it all for you. But how, you say?

Simple - the same way you interact with Google, Facebook, or other platforms, you connect with the blockchain using just your e-mail and a unique password.

And yes, despite this kindergarten-level simplicity, the safety that Bitski provides to your account and the assets therein is no joke. The catch is in the bank-grade security that is typically used for encrypting transactions in the financial industry.

The private keys are still there; however, they are not subject to potential negligence of their owners. Instead, they are stored on enterprise-grade, tamper-resistant, Hardware Security Modules with multiple security layers.

Besides, the transaction authorization stack of Bitski is powered by the same mechanisms that are used by banks and e-mail providers, the OAuth2 and OpenID Connect.

And - it supports both ERC-20 tokens, as well as ERC-721 NFTS, a perfect match for 0xcert.

Thanks to all that - and more! - Bitski has proven to be the go-to medium for blockchain beginners and everyone who is looking for a more user-friendly solution to their operations on the blockchain.

0xcert Framework & Bitski

So far, the 0xcert Framework for building dapps has supported the HTTP and MetaMask providers to allow users to connect to the blockchain.

In the recently released Framework v1.6.0, Bitski becomes the third provider for connecting to the blockchain (specifically, Ethereum) and building dapps on top of it.

We've made implementations of Bitski within the 0xcert Framework on both ends, the back-end and the front-end. With this, developers who will use the 0xcert Framework for building the next powerful dapp on the blockchain, will benefit from Bitski during the whole development process.

The benefit of using the Bitski provider when building a dapp on the blockchain is thus two-fold:

1. It makes for a fast and straightforward integration
2. Since the 0xcert Framework has a modular structure, you can simply change your current provider with Bitski, and everything will continue to work identically.**

0xcert and Bitski for a wider adoption

The potential of the blockchain tech will remain unearthed unless we make it easier to use and to introduce it to everyday practices.

That's what the Bitski-0xcert integration is aimed at.

The 0xcert Framework makes it easy to build the next powerful decentralized application on the blockchain with minimal coding required, while Bitski creates a super-smooth UX and provides the ultimate safety of the users' accounts and assets.

We genuinely hope this merge of next-gen mechanisms will advance the onboarding of new users and provide the benefits of the blockchain tech to ordinary people sooner, and at the same time, make for a more enjoyable coding experience of fellow developers.

If you get stuck in the process or just have a question for our developers, do log in to our Gitter channel and ask away.

Start building your next dapp with Bitski and the 0xcert Framework, and stay tuned for updates!