New updates in the 0xcert Framework v1.7.0

New updates in the 0xcert Framework v1.7.0

Just a tad over a week ago, the Framework's previous version was released with the third provider - Bitski - joining forces with HTTP and MetaMask.

Today, we're releasing a new version of the most secure framework for building of dapps on the blockchain, the 0xcert Framework v1.7.0.

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Two new features

To enhance the developing experience of our dev peers, we've added two new features to the 0xcert Framework.

1. Sandbox option
2. Gas price multiplier

One helps you test how a transaction would perform, and the other makes your gas fees management easier.

Sandbox option

The support for sandbox can be added to blockchain communication providers, where it defaults to false. If you choose to set the sandbox to true, you can check whether your transaction would be executed successfully.

This is done via estimateGas and tests the performance of a transaction without it being transmitted to the blockchain.

Gas price multiplier

Just like the Sandbox mode, you can add the gasPriceMultiplier support to the blockchain communication provider you choose to work with, where it currently defaults to 1.1. This feature allows you to determine a multiplier applied in the process of creating a mutation.

The price of gas for such a transaction gets calculated by calling eth_gasPrice, and once a result is shown, it can be multiplied using the gasPriceMultiplier.

With this method, you can actively adapt the price of gas to achieve optimal results and speed up the transaction. Still, the option of manually setting the gas price per specific mutation is available and doesn't go anywhere, we've just added a more straightforward way of setting the gas costs.

The richness and customization of the 0xcert Framework grows monthly

Throughout the past few months, we've focused our developer powers into creating and perfecting the fastest framework for building decentralized applications on the blockchain.

To date, the Framework has been supporting two blockchains (Ethereum, Wanchain), three blockchain communication providers (MetaMask, HTTP, Bitski), and two types of Ethereum-based tokens (ERC-20 and ERC-721) plus non-ERC721-compliant non-fungible tokens.

Even though seemingly small updates such as the two features above can't be counted as head-turners, we believe the devil's in the details (and level of customization). We will continue polishing the code and adding new features to the 0xcert Framework for the benefit of developers and users of their decentralized applications.

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If you get stuck in the process or just have a question for our developers, do log in to our Gitter channel and ask away.

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