0xcert Framework v2.0 Aragorn full release

0xcert Framework v2.0 Aragorn full release

In January, we announced the release of the beta version of 0xcert Framework 2.0, Aragorn. Today, thanks in part to the community’s participation in our bug bounty, we are proud to announce the full release of Framework 2.0.

Note that the bug bounty for Framework 2.0 will remain open indefinitely. Read up on the rules here, or start digging into the code right away.

The 0xcert Framework is a comprehensive set of tools for building powerful decentralized applications, or dapps. The framework itself is completely open source and is already powering live dapps like SwapMarket, the world’s first many-to-many decentralized exchange, and the 0xcert API, a fully decentralised web service built on top of the existing 0xcert open-source infrastructure, which wraps 0xcert functionalities in a common API interface.

The Framework provides all the features you need to build fully functional decentralized applications, including:

  • Digital asset management: Use the Framework to issue, manage, certify, and verify unique digital assets, from certificates like academic credentials to provably scarce digital art pieces.
  • Digital currency management: Cryptocurrencies and tokens play a role in most dapps. Managing these blockchain operations is easy with 0xcert Framework.
  • Many-to-many atomic orders: One of the most powerful features of the 0xcert Framework, many-to-many atomic orders enable the quick and easy exchange of multiple assets and tokens with a single action.

These are just a few of the core features of the 0xcert Framework. Check out the documentation for a more in-depth overview, or get started building your own dapp today!