Blockchain automation platform Fabr(x) employs 0xcert Framework

Blockchain automation platform Fabr(x) employs 0xcert Framework

0xcert is widening its reach!

After having added the second blockchain to its scope, the 0xcert Framework for building dapps has now been integrated with Fabrx, a blockchain automation platform.

This merge will allow a wider audience looking for decentralizing their operations to deploy non-fungible tokens, as well as issue and transfer tokens, both using just one API call via the Fabr(x) platform.

What features does 0xcert Framework provide to Fabr(x)

Fabr(x) now leverages the 0xcert-built HTTP Provider, which employs both HTTP and HTTPS protocols to communicate with the Ethereum node.

The second addition are Mutations, a feature that represents any request to alter the state of a token on the Ethereum blockchain, now used to add and transfer NFTs.

Thirdly, the Asset Ledger, developed by 0xcert to serve as ERC-721-based smart contract for both Ethereum and Wanchain blockchains, will be used on Fabr(x) to deploy NFT smart contracts.

User-friendly tokenization

Fabr(x)'s non-fungible token suite provides issuance, analytics, exchange, and custody of unique NFTs, and is aimed primarily (but not exclusively) at organizations looking to boost brand loyalty, asset accountability, and community token exchange.

The easy-to-use Fabr(x) tokenization interface and API already supports inputs like token name and symbol, amount of tokens to be created, and recipients of transferred tokens. This user-friendly and effective interface could make businesses and organizations reach the blockchain level within hours and without any needed knowledge of coding.

And now that Fabr(x) has integrated the 0xcert Framework, the platform's scope of functions and versatility of their applications has now significantly. We're looking forward to seeing the adoption of decentralized web boost with Fabr(x)!

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