We're live on Product Hunt!

We're live on Product Hunt!

0xcert is back on Product Hunt, this time with our most valuable piece of work so far, the 0xcert Framework. 🥁

You never know what will inspire the next generation of dapp developers, and it might as well be a reach-out to the audience of Product Hunt, the largest platform for showcasing new products on the (IT and tech) market.

It's the first 24 hours that count

While the campaign posted on Product Hunt stays live and published for years, it is really just the first day and the first week of the launch that count.

On Product Hunt - much like pretty much everywhere else - it's all about exposure, and with tens of new product launching and claiming the spotlight every day, it's a challenge to remain on the front page for long.

So if you feel that providing free tools for the (future) dapp developers resonates with you, don't be shy and show your support today, on Wednesday, April 24.

How to show support on Product Hunt?

We're glad you asked!

Log into your Product Hunt account, check out the home page, and under the "Today" section, find "0xcert Framework".

Click on it, and choose the way to express your ❤️:

  • 🔼 Upvote the product
  • 🧐 Review the Framework
  • 💬 Leave a comment in the comment section

Or, better yet, do all three - in this case, more is more.

And while you're at it, we'd love if you would share the link with that friend of yours who keeps struggling with the code or dreams about building the next big dapp. Sharing is caring, we say! 👬

Adoption is key

As much as we like growing our community that supports us every step of the way, with the launch of our Product Hunt campaign, it's more about bringing the skills and tools of dapp development to the masses and spreading the adoption of decentralized apps.

So either you find it through Product Hunt or via organic search, our 0xcert Framework GitHub repository is always there for you to make your developer life easier.

And remember, if you get stuck at any point in the process, reach out to our devs on 0xcert Gitter channel.

Hunt away

We've relied on the community support many times and you never let us down. This time, we're counting on it once more.

With you help and dedication, we can make the dapp world a better place.

Thank you and see you on Product Hunt!