Parisian Cryptogoods.Club hosting 0xcert

Parisian Cryptogoods.Club hosting 0xcert

New month, new event for building non-fungible awareness.

A Parisian group of crypto assets enthusiasts, Cryptogoods.Club, extended their interest and invited our CSO Urban to lead the next in a row of their blockchain-exploring meetups, "Real-world Cryptogoods: How Close Are We?"

Cryptogoods.Club is organizing regular events gathering investors, collectors, developers, and other curious minds to discuss and present the ideas from non-fungible space. It is always a pleasure to be invited into such a diverse space where a variety of views and actions pushes us towards a common goal.

As of this moment, Urban is getting ready to hold a talk about non-fungibles on the blockchain (NFTs), their applications, and endless ways of use in real life. As it has been proven many times before, NFTs are worthy of dedicated events of their own since it is almost a challenge picking the right topics for a specific audience and in limited time.

Also, while he's there, Urban will provide an insight into the work of 0xcert and our soon-to-reach milestones. We are eager to hear first-hand of the audience's ideas and potentially new use cases we haven't heard of before.

In every way, events such as this are the perfect place for new findings and aha! moments. Big thanks to Cryptogoods.Club and the whole French non-fungible community for inviting us!


7pm - 7.30pm GMT+1

Introducing the 0xcert protocol and use cases with physical assets.

7.30pm - 8pm GMT +1

Q&A with 0xcert CSO Urban Osvald

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