First 0xcert Meetup Recap

First 0xcert Meetup Recap

Does one have to be a blockchain developer to develop a decentralized app on the blockchain?

Actually, no.

That's what we wanted to show - and hopefully did - at our first 0xcert Meetup for JavaScript developers this Wednesday.

A big shout out to Poligon Creative Center for hosting us and to co-organizers and supporters in our aim, the JavaScript Community Ljubljana, the Slovenian Blockchain Association, and Ethereum Slovenia, for spreading the word about it.

Teaching devs to fish

Instead of bringing an end-customer product to the market, we strive to pave the path to a stronger adoption by providing the tools to boost production and development of dapps.

However powerful the 0xcert Framework for building dapps is, it doesn't do the job by itself and needs people to make use of it.

And that was the main aim of the event. To teach and instruct the developer community and to start bringing the dapp development to the masses.

From NFTs to dapp UX

Indeed, dapps come in various shapes and forms, but they all need a solid back-end base and an intuitive and effective front-end. And, of course, everything in between.

Our guys brought all four courses of a dapp menu to the event's table and kept the appetite growing until the end.

First, our CSO Urban delivered all about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) - from explaining the concept, their history and evolution, to highlighting their role and some use cases NFTs can be applied to.

ERC-721 NFTs are an integral part of the 0xcert Framework functional capabilities, and a young field as this always needs special attention.

Things started warming up when CEO Kristijan presented the 0xcert Framework and the solutions it provides for developing dapps.

He took us through the main features of the Framework and explained the multiple benefits that make dapp developers sleep better.

The essence of the meetup was served by Tadej, our lead blockchain developer, who dug into the guts of the Framework - the strings of the code of a dapp built with the 0xcert Framework.

The audience was able to witness live coding of an art marketplace employing non-fungible tokens and executing framework's functions through a simple but cool front-end.

Finally, a solid back-end needs a UI that does it justice, and our lead front-end developer David knows all about it.

With the example of SwapMarket, he explained the issues that a UI/UX dev needs to tackle and some smooth solutions for making the user feel comfortable using a decentralized app.

From web to dapp developer in a few hours

We were really glad that the majority of our audience were not veteran blockchain developers, but rather the JavaScript community and web developers with interest in decentralized apps and systems.

This proves that the community is eager to learn more about the dapp development and building on decentralized systems. It can just be confusing for a rookie to know their way around the industry.

The aim of the Framework is, therefore, to serve as a gap-bridger and to bring decentralized applications to masses through a simple JavaScript library that any web developer can use.

We hope we left our audience well 0xcertified and that we soon see the spring of dapps and even stronger growth of the industry.

Develop your new dapp

To learn more about how the 0xcert Framework can help you build your next (first?) decentralized app, please refer to the Framework Documentation.

The Framework is all free and open-source, and we'd appreciate every new star on our GitHub.

Until the next meetup - happy buidling!