0xcert Quarterly Report - Q4 2018

0xcert Quarterly Report - Q4 2018

With the turn of the year well behind us, it’s an appropriate time to review the last months of 2018 in terms of product development and community building.

Compared to the Q3, the final part of the year was all about development. In particular, we were focused on building and improving the final touches of the 0xcert Framework.

After the exciting and news-abundant Q3, in the Q4 we have turned the focus more inwards and devoted our time mostly to the development and perfecting the products we’ve released.


In the last few months, we have been committed fully to developing and upgrading our products. As the product development is the central pillar of 0xcert, it required much of our attention and time. For this reason, other segments have taken a slower pace, but will soon catch up as the developed products in one way or another support their growth.


Following the Roadmap from the 0xcert Whitepaper, development of company-defining products was of prime importance. Among them, the 0xcert Framework stood out.

1. The 0xcert Framework

The most important milestone of the quarter was the launch of the 0xcert Framework. Even though it was officially announced at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami in mid-January, it was actually finalized and ready to use by the turn of the year 2018.

The Framework represents a new step in the development of decentralized apps in the broadest terms. With the use of powerful conventions, support of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and JavaScript API, the Framework enables much faster and easier deployment of dapps without compromising on security and the final quality of the dapp.

The 0xcert Framework has been published as open-source software, aimed at enriching the developer community and enhancing the adoption of dapps in businesses and among non-blockchain developers.

The current version supports the development of decentralized apps on the Ethereum blockchain. The soon-to-be-released updated versions will allow for deployment on other systems and blockchains, too.

2. DEX alpha dapp aka SwapMarket

In the Q3 quarterly report, the launch of DEX alpha dapp has been projected for past mid-November. Due to a stronger focus on building the 0xcert Framework - which already supports and enables the atomic orders, an essential part of the future DEX - the latter has been postponed to the upcoming weeks, but in any case within the Q1 of 2019.

During Q4, we have set up a brand name and upgraded the UI for the dapp, now known as SwapMarket. This dapp is a showcase of the 0xcert Framework functionalities and operations, particularly atomic swaps in custom orders, which differs it from commonly known decentralized marketplaces.


Sourcing from the MVP milestones that had been achieved during the Q3, in the last quarter of 2018 we have developed the alpha version of both Conventions and Devkit (SDK), and upgraded the 0xcert Protocol to release candidate 1 (RC1).

While all major products - Protocol, Framework, DEX dapp (now SwapMarket), Minter dapp (yet to be named) - have been developed to their MVP stage in the previous quarters, we are now in the process of shifting their development into broader products, aligned with general market evolution. We currently work on their final touches and plan to upgrade them in Q1 2019.



Compared to Q3 when the ICO required a much more frequent appearance on global stages, the last part of 2018 was a bit more reserved regarding events and more focused on in-door work. Nevertheless, we attended two blockchain events and presented 0xcert’s work at both:

  • Cryptogoods.Club from Paris hosted 0xcert for a special event devoted to NFTs on the blockchain,
  • and it was all about NFTs at the Bločk Conference in Čakovec, Croatia, as well, where we presented 0xcert within the context of the future of NFTs and non-fungibility on the blockchain at large.


Continuing from the Q3, our part on educating about the latest trends in non-fungibility on the blockchain kept active during the last quarter. Both segments, the DEX Series and NFT Spotlight Series, are still active and will expand further as we further develop our products and solutions.

Aligned with the recent launch of the 0xcert Framework, we have laid the foundation for educational material on this product, which will start multiplying in the Q1 of 2019.

Developer and NFT Community

To further enhance and grow the community we have built so far, we have opened a few more channels for social and peer-to-peer engagement.

  • A special Discord channel is still open for any new project or business who’d like to join the Non-fungible Alliance.
  • The Alliance has also become richer for its Medium publication where members can post updates on their progress or NFT-related news.


The Non-fungible Alliance that was established in Q3 with a handful of members has seen substantial growth in Q4 - it now accounts for nearly 90 members, working with non-fungibility on the blockchain in one way or another. The non-fungible ecosystem is clearly expanding, with an increasingly positive recognition of the value of NFTs on a broader blockchain and crypto market.

Even though the last quarter of the year was somewhat more moderate in terms of public appearances and product launches, the most crucial part of the 0xcert force - the development of our solutions for decentralized future - was on the frontline of our daily processes.

With the vital base successfully established, we're confident already piling up the updates for the next quarterly report.