Amsterdam, Ian and Token Metrics = 0xcert are there

Amsterdam, Ian and Token Metrics = 0xcert are there

There are some people in the crypto space that just demand attention and Ian Balina is one of them.

We got the call and told that we have been accepted to pitch at the Crypto World Tour. So our CEO Jure Zih, CTO Kristijan Sedlak and Head of Community Urban Osvald picked up their packed bags, they always have one sitting by the door in the office, and headed to the airport. On the way, booking flights and accommodation in Amsterdam.

Was the run worth it?

YES! Getting to pitch in front of the creator of Token Metrics is an opportunity that you do not even contemplate turning down.

The feedback was amazing and we got the chance to sit down with the man himself and the insights were out of this world. Tips like…of course we are not going to reveal them just yet.

Let’s take a moment to thank a few

We want to give a special shout out to the organizers, Token research group for the great event and also single out Etiënne vantKruys for special praise.

It was a full house, with people flying in from all over Europe, including these three clowns

As we said, the feedback was out of this world, leading to conversations about the future of Blockchain in general and how 0xcert is going to be a key platform agnostic part of that.

Token Metrics and Ian Balina

In one of the hardest financial areas to predict the market, Ian has created a way to come out on top. If you are a baseball fan, think of him as the Billy Bean of crypto. Finding the intrinsic value that others are missing as they are too busy listening to the noise.

Enough of us trying to explain this, here is Ian in his own words.

Next stop on the roadshow?

NYC and consensus 2018! This is an event that doesn’t need any introduction, just follow the conversation on Twitter —
#consensus2018 hashtag on Twitter
On May 10 @CNBCFastMoney tweeted: ".@fundstrat's @rsluymer says history sug.." - read what others are saying and join…

We’ll be posting live updates from Consensus 2018 in our Telegram!