How to recognize and avoid scams

How to recognize and avoid scams

ICOs and crypto-projects have been a promising platform for the widest global community of crypto-fans, trying their best to be a part of the next big thing in crypto world.

But at the same time, the popular communication channels have been subjected to scam activities by individuals or groups trying to take advantage of contributors - leveraging their lack of attention, FOMO-fueled quick fingers, and lack of awareness about scam methods.

To help you protect your funds and data, we’ve compiled a list of scam risks that you could encounter as a contributor in 0xcert Presale and/or Crowdsale.

REMEMBER: We provide the underlying system security, but you are responsible for doing your own due diligence before pressing any wrong buttons or links! No technical security measure can fix or restore the effect of a scam - the only way to prevent it to avoid it and consistently double-check every action.

General security guidelines

  • The ETH contribution address will be published only and exclusively on 0xcert website, on July 2, 17:00 CEST. Our website is the only trustworthy source for address and other 0xcert information.
  • The ETH contribution address will NOT be communicated directly to anyone, not even through e-mail, none of our Telegram channels, and not through social media channels. The only source for the right contribution address is 0xcert website.
  • Always check the website URL to avoid phishing sites: the URL contains a green lock, the domain starts with https:// and it contains a “0” (zero) not an “O”.
  • In the social media, especially Telegram, our admins will NEVER contact or direct-message you first. If you get a direct message from somebody claiming to be 0xcert admin, report him and delete the contact!
  • There are NO extra bonuses apart from those listed on our website. If you get an email or direct message from somebody who is offering higher or extra bonuses, report the sender as spam and delete the contact!

Scam activity examples

To get an image of scammers’ ingenuity and scamming methods you could be exposed to, here are some examples of what we have encountered so far. Hopefully, it will help you recognize suspicious activities and keep your data and funds safe from scammers.

1. Fake emails

Red flags:

  • We never contact people directly for their contribution.
  • We do not use QR code for contribution address. The only source for the contribution address is website.

2. Fake Telegram Admins

The majority of scammers is preying on contributors on Telegram, pretending to be 0xcert admins.

Always check Telegram User Info: click on the contact’s name to see the Username (starts with @). Official 0xcert admins in Telegram are:

@jurez 👉 Jure Zih ⚡️ 0xcert

@TomazZeleznikar 👉 Tomaž Železnikar ⚡️ 0xcert

@xpepermint 👉 Kristijan Sedlak ⚡️ 0xcert

@urbanosvald 👉 Urban Osvald ⚡️ 0xcert

@jurejakomin 👉 Jure Jakomin ⚡️ 0xcert

@petrakosi 👉 Petra Kosi ⚡️ 0xcert

@primy21 👉 Primož Erjavec ⚡️ 0xcert Ambassador

@AT0xcert 👉 Aljaž Tišler ⚡️ 0xcert

@herman_k 👉 Herman Kravchenko ⚡️ 0xcert

Red flags:

  • Telegram admins NEVER contact or direct-message your first.
  • Wrong admin’s Telegram username - find the list of our official admins and their usernames in the list above.
  • Wrong name: oxcert (with “o”) instead of 0xcert (with zero “0”)

  • We NEVER promote Private Presale directly.

3. Fake Telegram Groups

Red flag:

  • We do not add people to the group ourselves.
  • 0xcert’s only official Telegram channels are:

4. Fake contribution addresses and forms

Red flag:

  • We will not disclose the contribution address until July 2, 17:00 CEST! The only source for the contribution address is website.
  • There are no forms where you could contribute to either Private or Public Sales. Forms such as this are fake.
  • Wrong name - Oxcert (with "o") instead of 0xcert (with zero "0")
  • Contributions to 0xcert can only be made in ETH, not BTC.

DO NOT SEND any contributions to anyone, to no address and to no form outside website. If you proceed with such transactions, you could permanently lose your funds! Always double check everything.

At 0xcert, we're doing our best to keep these and similar scam attempts at minimum, however, we can only do so with your collaboration. Please report any suspicious activity to our official Telegram admins.

Scammers are trying to take advantage of our incredible 0xcert community, but we will not let it happen. Communication and vigilance are of key importance, let's keep it this way until and through the Presale, Crowdsale, and beyond!

Stay non-fungible!