Blockchain is going big in education

Blockchain is going big in education

Blockchain Credentials and Connected Learning conference connecting education and technology

Our 0xcert team attended the Blockchain Credentials and Connected Learningconference in Malta on 17th and 18th May. Highly specialized event with about 100 participants, thought leaders, government representatives and EC officials, academics, practitioners and entrepreneurs who are working together on various education related blockchain projects revealed some very interesting ideas about how blockchain technology can transform education. Katja pitched 0xcert with great success and met with several potential partners. We’re too excited to keep it entirely secret, let’s just say that 0xcert is to become “technology partner” of one important educational programme on EU level. We cannot reveal more at the moment but we will soon, so stay with us.

It’s no surprise, the event organized by Commonwealth Centre for Connected Learning took place in Malta. Malta is committed to digital education and blockchain technology and is leading the way with initiatives, such as National Blockchain Strategy and blockchain educational certificates. Maltese Ministry for Education & Employment supported the event.

The conference programme looked into current and future applications of blockchain technology and how it may transform credentials for both formal and informal learning. Exactly the right place to present 0xcert, which will enable deploying unique digital assets on blockchain, including academic credentials. Katja’s presentation got a lot of interest, including from a government representative from Sweden, which is undertaking education reform and exploring blockchain tech, a French start-up working with 100 schools, which would like to incorporate blockchain into their service.

We’ve also heard some interesting discussions about blockchain applications for education, privacy and the law, applications for blockchain tech in research in higher education, and national initiatives of the blockchain in education. Besides Malta, the Netherlands are also very active in the field, some interesting initiatives are coming from France.

All in all, we’ve seen great potential for implementation of the blockchain technology in education. Another proof that developing Academia as the first decentralized application on top of 0xcert protocol was the right choice.

Academia is the blockchain-based certificate management for academic institutions and education providers which will enable these institution to easily implement blockchain technology without the technical knowledge. Preventing certification fraud, doubling down time of enrolling process and giving educational institutions an opportunity to share revenue from academic credentials verifications.

Visit Academia and sign up for updates and join early adopters to unleash the potential of the blockchain in education.