Bounty Rewards Distribution

Bounty Rewards Distribution

The day has come!

Our Community Growth Bounty rewards are about to be distributed!

After the recent Bug Bounty on GitHub, we have just closed the Community Growth Bounty, as well.

The distribution of ZXC token rewards will launch on Wednesday, October 3!

The number of contributors has been extremely large, almost 16,000, meaning it could take some time before the network delivers the last one of all 16k transactions, up to a few days.

We will let you know once more before the official launch of the distribution, so stay tuned.

And there is more!

To award your tireless support and patience, we decided to add an extra award for the holders of ZXC tokens.

And yes – even more:

There is a new bounty on the horizon! For what and who? Read further:

Bounty Recap

During our ICO, we counted on and gained invaluable support from followers of all colors on social media, especially those on Telegram, Twitter and Facebook, but also from YouTubers, Medium and Steemit authors, and others.

The 0xcert Community Growth Bounty encompassed several aspects of building our project awareness, from social media to content. Almost 16,000 people engaged and managed to quickly grow our follower base, media appearance, sharing, and overall recognition.

We thank each and every one of the contributors for their share of support.

Also, to make it up for keeping you wait until now, we are adding a special reward for the holders of ZXC tokens. Soon, 0xcert will be launching a brand new marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and we are inviting all the holders of the bounty ZXCs to use their status for a 3-month FREE use of our DEX platform.

Leave your info to unlock your DEX reward!

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And - last but not least…

Bounty #3: Build Your Products on Top of 0xcert

With the aim of delivering a valuable and perfected solution to developers for deployment of their products, we will soon be launching a new bounty to improve the release of the 0xcert protocol.

Soon after the current bounty is finally distributed, we will publish the news and instructions for participating in the next 0xcert bounty release. Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter and follow us on social media - this will be special.