BTC Conference Miami Recap

BTC Conference Miami Recap

Almost a month after the Bitcoin Conference Miami, we're recapping it with official visual material from the event.

During three days at the very tip of the Florida peninsula, we've met many people who work with blockchain in one way or another. The event stayed true to its name and placed a bit more focus on the Bitcoin and the mainstream blockchain schemes, so we were one of the rare non-fungible projects to attend, present and exhibit.

Day 1

January 17 was a big day for 0xcert. After months of developing and polishing our code, our CTO Kristijan Sedlak announced the launch of our 0xcert Framework for the first time to the blockchain public.

The 0xcert Framework has been built to enable much easier and more cost-effective development of dapps on the blockchain, by employing the JavaScript library and ERC-721-compliant non-fungible tokens.

The software developers indeed formed a minority in the audience; however, Kristijan's talk and the Framework have been oriented towards business applications of dapps and their faster adoption among companies, as well.

Day 2

After the successful first day, the second was reserved for one-on-one engagements, talks, and interviews. Business representatives that stopped by our non-fungible booth looking for ways of blockchain applications covered industries from certification and real-estate to blockchain assets, crypto collectibles, and in-game items.

We were also glad to give an interview about our work, the products we develop, and the NFT revolution. The camera-friendly guy on the right is our CSO Urban Osvald.

Miami: done. NYC: coming up.

Overall, the trip to Miami paid off well, since it provided an excellent platform for announcing the fruits of our work and engaging with the businesses interested in dapp development.

At this point, we'd like to thank our friend Moe Levin, the founder and CEO of Keynote, for a warm welcome and for being an attentive host at yet another edition of the Bitcoin Conference.

As always, it's been our great pleasure joining the cream of the blockchain community, and we're looking forward to the next Keynote's event.

Until then - meet us in NYC at the biggest NFT Conference of this month!