Bug Bounty for 0xcert Framework v1.0.0. Odin

Bug Bounty for 0xcert Framework v1.0.0. Odin

The 0xcert Framework v1.0.0. Odin has been out and live for 3 weeks now, along with its Bug Bounty program published on GitHub inviting the developer community to add their share to the development of the framework for building dapps.

Similar to all the previous bounties, the goal of the 0xcert Framework Bug Bounty is to allow third-party contributors to inspect the code, raise questions and propose improvements, to perfect the end product that is provided to the community as a free and open-source development framework.

The scope of this bounty program are reports and suggestions for code, operations, and style improvement of the 0xcert Framework. If you'd rather let us know your thoughts about the 0xcert Framework Documentation, we have opened a featured Issue on this topic on GitHub.

What can you earn?

The total reward pool is 10.000.000 ZXC, and is distributed to contributing bug hunters according to the following allocation criteria:

  • Highest severity — full payout of the bug bounty (500,000 ZXC)
  • High severity — partial payout of the bug bounty (100,000 ZXC)
  • Medium severity — partial payout of the bug bounty (10,000 ZXC)

Eligible reports for medium, high, and highest severity will be mentioned in the GitHub leaderboard thread.

The most active contributors will be rewarded at 0xcert's sole discretion, which also applies to contributors reporting low severity bugs.

Additional rewards are available from sponsors. In general, these will follow proportionally as the rewards above.

Ready to hunt bugs?

For more information about the bounty, how to participate, and what can you gain, please check our Bug Bounty GitHub section.

The 0xcert Framework Bug Bounty is your chance to let us know your thoughts and even gain a sack or two of bounty rewards. So don't be shy, comb through the 0xcert Framework for building dapps and help us improve it.

Also, make sure you click ⭐️ STAR and 👁 WATCH on top of the GitHub repository to never miss an update.

Or, if you only have questions about the framework, feel free to get in touch with our developers on our Gitter channel.

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