Bug Bounty Report

Bug Bounty Report

A few months ago, the 0xcert team launched a Bug bounty program on GitHub, for the developer community to help us audit and improve the ERC-721 smart contracts, in order to provide as valid and secure ERC-721 implementation as possible.

After several checks and few proposals by the devoted members of the community, we are proud to say that the fully compatible implementation of the ERC-721 standard has been perfected.

Bounty program takeouts

The bounty program had been active for 60 days, and during that period, we had received 8 improvement proposals from 5 contributors:

The majority of issue improvements were submitted by Maciej Górski aka mg6maciej - hats off to Maciej for all the valuable contributions! 4 out of 8 total reported issues is an impressive ratio, well done!

We also thank all the other contributors for their time and commitment to collectively improve the developer tools, platforms, and overall code landscape!


As promised, all the participants are in for 0xcert rewards for the valuable work contributed.

For more on how to collect rewards, please check the latest post on our Bug Bounty Program on GitHub.

What comes next?

We are aware that our community is an important asset to our project, and we highly value your contributions to our work, our products, and overall growth.

At this point, we would like to thank everyone for your devotion and patience during these last few weeks of establishing a solid base, improvement, and focus on product development.

Even though fully committed to work and running mostly in stealth mode, we haven't forgotten about the unofficial partakers in the growth of 0xcert.

So we started off with the first set of bounty rewards - for the GitHub ERC-721 Bug Bounty. And in the following weeks, the rewards for the Community Bounty in ZXC tokens are planned.

We'll be communicating updates on our blog and social media, so stay tuned!