0xcert Crowdsale Recap

0xcert Crowdsale Recap

Having let the numbers sink in and heads clear from all the excitement and joy, following is a recap of the 0xcert Crowdsale that took place on July 4.

  • 17:00 CEST: Launch 0xcert Crowdsale
  • 18:36 CEST: 0xcert Crowdsale sold out

After selling out the 0xcert Presale in minutes, we knew it would be hard to have the Crowdsale run at the same pace.

Transactions kept coming in no particular rush, but it was no walk on the beach, either. The stats are still impressive, especially considering the fact that it is still bear market the crypto-world is facing at the moment.

Crowdsale in numbers

  • 4,175.48 ETH raised
  • in 96 min
  • by 233 contributors
  • from 51 countries worldwide
  • making 297 transactions.

Which means on average,

  • 43.49 ETH raised per minute
  • and 17.92 ETH per contributor

In Crowdsale and Presale combined, we raised 10,644.34 ETH. Together with Private Presale, we successfully reached and surpassed the hardcap of 20,000 ETH.

KYC token and 390 fails

There were 31% more rejected transactions than successful ones (297). With our improved KYC process, employing onFido verification engine combined with our very own Xcert KYC token, we managed to filter out all those who unfortunately did not pass the KYC successfully, in order to keep a healthy and verifiable community.

As we did in the Presale already, the ERC-721 KYC tokens helped us raise the bar for ICO security and enhance identification procedure to the max.

This was the first ever implementation of ERC-721 tokens in KYC procedure, and we're leading the way for other ICOs to raise their security threshold.


Within an hour and a half of the Crowdsale, we sold out all the last ZXC tokens we had available, together with 5% bonus for all contributors. Next stop for ZXCs: exchanges.

But as we cannot disclose such information in detail before it is officially confirmed, make sure you subscribe to our Newsletter here, to be the first to hear about exchanges, but also partnerships, and new dapps we will commit to in the future.

Thank you

Once again, and as expressed many times, we thank all the contributors and the entire 0xcert community. We have proved that a visionary product, a great team, and months of hard work can bear as good of a fruit - if not better - as aggressive and over-the-top marketing, as many ICOs tend to forget.

We appreciate that you saw all those qualities in 0xcert, and we are looking forward to building the future of non-fungible world with you.