We're back from Malta

We're back from Malta

Malta, the beautiful island in the Mediterranean, is boosting its reputation and role within the blockchain world, rewriting the regulations and building the infrastructure to attract everything crypto. This past week's Delta Summit was one of such endeavors.

Delta Summit, hosted in St. Julian's Intercontinental, was definitely one of the most significant blockchain-related events this season, as it gathered and hosted over 4,000 people for three days and three nights, during October 3–5. The venue was almost too small and time too short for all the related topics people went there to discuss.

Evening #1

It seemed that even the organizers were somewhat taken off guard by the number of people that actually showed up, causing the queue for tickets growing longer and longer every minute.

After some time, we managed to get our passes and join the crowd for the intro night to the Delta Summit. Among others, we also met our good friend Gauthier from nonfungible.com and jointly added a touch of non-fungibility to Malta.

The evening was a pleasant semi-formal gathering of blockchainizers, and a perfect mixture of business talk and friendly atmosphere to set the ground for the productive day that followed.

Day #2

Next day, the morning buzz at the lobby was promising a busy day ahead. The blockchain crowds were flowing into the main hall where some of the most influential people in the space were attracting hundreds of cameras, journalists, and curious audience.

The star-studded agenda included Changpeng Zhao, CEO at Binance, Dr. Joseph Muscat, Prime Minister of Malta, Calvin Cheng of ABCC Exchange, Miko Matsumura of Evercoin Exchange, and many others.

The venue was impressively big, and it was almost a challenge to navigate between the booths or to get any closer to the stage through the thick crowd. We did manage to stop at the most interesting corners, though, to discuss the current and potential future state of cooperation.

Before the day ended, we collected a nice stack of business cards, engaged in several meaningful conversations, took a bunch of photos, and walked a few miles across the venue, from one talk to another.

Day #3

As expected, the last day of the event got less crowded and more relaxed. Also, it was easier to find our way around and an unoccupied seat in the audience.

Day three provided some interesting talks on the matters that are in one way or another related to 0xcert activities, too.

Insights about blockchain in other sectors like education, KYC and AML, jurisdictions, etc., made it evident that slowly but surely we are witnessing its incorporation into all spheres of work and life.

Apart from the spectator and interlocutor role, we also exposed ourselves to the cameras, when our CCO Urban did the interview with the Delta Summit TV. In a couple of minutes, we discussed 0xcert and the event itself, spreading the word about our endeavors and non-fungible future. Big thanks to Delta Summit TV for hosting us.

Similarly to the nights before, the event concluded in socializing, reviews of the past talks, and plans for future meetups. We will keep our eyes open for them, especially those related to more specialized fields of the blockchain, like non-fungibility or NFTs.

Delta Summit and Malta Impact

Overall, Delta Summit was not dedicated to any particular niche topic. Instead, it merged several points of view on the blockchain space as a whole - from regulations and legal perspectives, through applications of the technology to new industries (healthcare, education, etc.), to ICOs, and exchanges, and consultancy.

And of course, promotion of Malta as the blockchain island has been mentioned on every occasion. The island's government is truly doing their best in pioneering the regulatory base for blockchain and crypto in Europe.

With new infrastructure and legal applications combined with beautiful lancscapes, it surely won't be a hard decision for new blockchain projects to choose it as their home. We're looking forward to the impact the island will make by the next Delta Summit in 2019.