New Blog Series - DEX

New Blog Series - DEX

We wrote it in our Whitepaper, we mentioned it in the ICO final recap.

Now, we are starting a series around it.

The 0xcert DEX or Decentralized Exchange is one of the main topics of our Q4. To enhance people’s understanding and clarify some concepts, we will be threading a string of episodes related to exchangeable assets and decentralization.


In every episode of the series, we will highlight a certain concept or method related to the DEX. In order not to scare non-techy people away, and to review some basic things with experts, we are starting off with lighter topics, and gradually narrowing down from broader aspects to ever more specific ones and the DEX itself.


From complete rookies to field veterans, anyone will, hopefully, be able to find their spot of interest. We are aiming to give the series a potential to evolve into a decentralized exchange 101 guide, and allow for an intuitive overview across the topics.


The series episodes are planned to be released every week until the end of November, if necessary even further. Some weeks may see one, some even two articles published. There is much to be covered and plenty to be reviewed. But in any case, before the DEX release, the readers should have a decent overview of the topic as a whole, as well as the product itself.

Bring your share

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Stay tuned and — let the DEX series unroll.