EDCON Toronto: it's all about tech solutions for a better world

EDCON Toronto: it's all about tech solutions for a better world

Our CTO Kristijan Sedlak and Senior Developer Luka Kacil have just returned from the EDCON, Community Ethereum Development Conference in Toronto, all pumped up with great insights and inspiration from the talks, on the stage and while mingling with devs crowd. If we could summarize this event in one sentence it would be that Ethereum developers are very much into building solutions that make the world better, well represented in the event’s tagline “Never forget why you started”. And exactly what we are trying to bring to the world with 0xcert — an easy plug-and-play solution to enable anybody to utilize the blockchain with non-fungible technological features.

Everyone that means something in the blockchain developers community was at the conference.

There was an incredible crowd, smart and passionate people to talk to and their insights helped us evaluate our project. A very picky one, indeed, with challenging questions but our tech team had detailed answers for all. We’ve talked with many developers and saw a growing awareness and interest for the NFT’s.

Meeting developers from different blockchain projects, Kristijan and Luka also discussed non-fungible tokens (NTF) technology in general, ERC721 standard for non-fungibles on Ethereum blockchain and use-cases built on it. Ethereum developers are interested in NTF, and among applications especially in using NTFs for KYC, a lot of potential for 0xcert’s partnerships.

We are already working with several partners to build applications on top of 0xcert, the first open-source protocol for standardized and certified non-fungible tokens. If you are exploring NTF technology for end-user applications drop us an email on 0xcert’s website and join our community on Telegram. Let’s see if we can build something for a better world together.

Making an ecosystem to help make the world better

EDCON was all about technology, the latest in Ethereum Blockchain technology and research (Plasma, Casper, scalability, cryptography, privacy, security), current trends as well as Ethereum and blockchain based projects and applications.

There was an incredible lineup of speakers and Ethereum visionaries. It started a bit funky with a badger dance (yes, Kristijan and Luka joined the crowd :) )

In her opening speech, Aya Miyaguchi from Ethereum Foundation reminded us what it’s all about.

The blockchain can help improve the flawed systems of today.

Ethereum core researchers, Karl Floersch and Jon Choi had incredible talks, an intro to cryptonomics and the Ethereum real economy.

The Ethereum developers’ community is critical about current ICO model. One important takeaway from the conference Kristijan and Luka brought back: “Friends don’t let friends create useless tokens”.

The scalability is currently a big issue on the blockchain and it was also in the focus of EDCON.

Second day was mostly about decentralization, interoperability, regulation.

Meeting friend developers

Such events are also a great opportunity to meet friends and make news ones. Some of them were caught on camera.

We believe conferences like EDCON are invaluable for further development of the blockchain technology that’s why we decided to support it as a sponsor.

The talks were incredible, we recommend to listen at least some. The Asia Pacific Ethereum Community livestreamed all the event, check out their YouTube channel.