ERC721 Validator on

ERC721 Validator on

It's been a few weeks since our ERC721 Validator saw the light of day and so far, it has provided hundreds of second opinions to smart contract developers and NFT token holders.

Now, we are proud to have it listed on, as well! is a wonderful space dedicated to NFTs, decentralized apps, education about decentralized tech and everything in between. Their list showcases the top dapps in the blockchain space, encompassing games, exchanges, and tools of social, financial, educational, art and other categories. is the go-to platform for fans of decentralized and blockchain apps, so we were happy 0xcert got invited to present a part of our work, too.

We have listed our ERC721 Validator, the tool that helps developers as well as token holders validate the compliance of their assets with the ERC721 standard. The aim of listing on is to bring the Validator closer to the blockchain community, especially to the users who are dealing with or holding non-fungible assets based on the ERC721 standard.

Since the Validator is more of a dev tool with a quite niche audience in the young field of non-fungibility, we are still being patient with its popularity rank growth... But everyone can help boost it!

If you have already tried out the ERC721 Validator, we are eager to see how it worked out for you.

And if you haven't yet - don't worry! Not owning an NFT or a smart contract is no barrier. See how it works with an example smart contract from a couple of first-tier non-fungible projects and check their compliance with the ERC721 standard yourself.

Your opinion on Validator's usability and features is highly valuable to us, as it will help us create even better products for a broader use. So check out the and rate/comment/review away!