ERC-721 Validator

ERC-721 Validator

Writing and deploying smart contracts could be a tedious task, and there are many particular details developers should be careful about that could make or potentially even break the operability of the contract and the tokens deployed from it.

So how to tell whether a smart contract or a token is deployed as it should be? It might all be running perfectly fine today, but how do we know what might be threatening their usability in a few months to come?

There are several issues that need to be taken into account when creating a smart contract, among others phishing threats and consequences of Ethereum forking. Also, discovering and fixing bugs in smart contracts could be not only time-consuming but extremely costly, as well.

The ERC-721 standard provides secure coding practices. When a smart contract is coded according to the standard, the chances of facing security issues and/or bugs can be significantly reduced.

How to prevent those issues?

In order to make sure that the deployed smart contract complies with the ERC-721 standard to the highest degree possible, 0xcert has developed the ERC-721 Validator. It's a simple and straight-forward online tool providing an overview of the results of a contract's compliance with the standard.

At the NIFTY conference in Hong Kong, William Entriken, the lead author of the standard and 0xcert top advisor, held a talk about the general importance of smart contract auditing and announced the 0xcert's ERC-721 Validator to the NIFTY audience. A clip of his talk can be found here.

So how does the Validator work?

Both developers and token holders can verify the compliance with the ERC-721 standard by simply checking the smart contract address for Basic validation, Token validation, and Transfer validation.

The validator runs 27 tests of various features of the smart contract, tokens, and their transactions, among others:

  • Does contract support ERC721Metadata.
  • Owner of test token.
  • Safetransfer to contract that cannot receive ERC721 token.
  • etc.

A click on "Validate" button leads to the scoreboard, providing a true or false answer to each of the tests, based on the code of the contract. With the feedback provided, it's then much easier to understand and fix the issues.

0xcert Protocol, built on ERC-721

0xcert Protocol is already fully compliant with the ERC-721, being the standard's reference implementation. Therefore, by using 0xcert for developing smart contracts, all the standard's features are already incorporated in the contract from the first line of code, making the end product ERC-721-compliant by default.

Apart from that, 0xcert also provides extra features, such as cryptographic asset proof, asset convention of interoperability, and additional on-chain data for atomic swaps.