Blockchain is entering a new era with Evidenspace

Blockchain is entering a new era with Evidenspace

We are proud to announce the 🚀launch of 0xcert’s newest product, Evidenspace. 🚀 An all in one tool for issuance and management of unique digital assets on the Ethereum blockchain, aimed at business and enterprise customers.

Up until now, blockchain was a technology of the future, which was due to the complexity of development and bad user experience, making it accessible to only a small number of people. We are moving these boundaries and enabling everyone to make use of blockchain, without the need for advanced technical knowledge or high development costs. With Evidenspace, using blockchain technology is becoming as simple as using any other web service. This is a key piece of information, especially if we take into account this year’s Delloite survey, where 53% of senior executives answered that blockchain is one of the top 5 strategic priorities for their company. Both 0xcert and Evidenspace are in line with this trend, working on over 50 pilot projects that will see the light of the world over the course of the next weeks and months.

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What is Evidenspace?

When it comes to blockchain, most people think about cryptocurrencies, which are in fact just one of its applications. Evidenspace is a platform enabling other possible use cases. It allows for easy issuance and management of unique digital assets, or non-fungible tokens. These can be used for well-known applications like collectibles or in-game assets, but can also act as digital twins for physical unique assets like certificates, credentials, proofs of authenticity, licenses, deeds, intellectual property, supply chains, fashion, art, and many others.

Evidenspace is the culmination of hard work done over the course of two years by the 0xcert team. On the way of getting here, we developed all necessary low-level protocols and open-source tools like the reference implementation of the ERC721 standard and the 0xcert Framework. These tools are widely used by companies and teams to build their own decentralized applications.


Evidenspace is packed with abundant features, which most importantly make the interaction with blockchain-based services more user-friendly. Some of the features are listed below.

  • No need for Metamask, just use a username and password. By incorporating the Bitski wallet solution, we got rid of the poor blockchain user experience often encountered with first-time users.
  • No need to hold ETH or other cryptocurrencies to use a decentralized application. Evidenspace has an integrated fiat payment gateway, which means that you can interact with blockchain-based services only by using your credit card.
  • Advanced user permissions can be assigned for your whole team, meaning that your whole team’s blockchain interaction can be managed from one dashboard.
  • Visualize your assets with QR codes, embed codes or even NFC chips. Opening up the gates to use cases that originate in the physical world and require a bridge to its digital twin on the blockchain.
  • For Enterprise users with larger volumes, Evidenspace also features an API that can easily be connected to the company’s internal database.

What is under the hood?

Evidenspace is an end-product that leverages the powerful 0xcert infrastructure. All open-source components are working together, ranging from the xcert assets, enhanced ERC721 tokens, and the whole 0xcert Framework for issuance, management, hashing and verification. More importantly, the Evidenspace platform is run only with ZXC utility tokens. All operations performed are using ZXC, like GAS on Ethereum. In-depth explanations regarding token usage and its functions will be published in separate articles in order to fully describe the scope, economy and ecosystem.

Why businesses use Evidenspace?

  • Lowering costs: Blockchain, specifically 0xcert’s AIH and ASH algorithms, allow for fast, automatic and selective verification of issued certificates, degrees, credentials and other asset information. Processes that take days or hours in the analog world, can be shortened down only to a few clicks.
  • Competitive advantage: Without having to dedicate large time or financial resources, issuers can issue trustworthy and verifiable digital proofs to companies or individuals, who can in turn simply and indisputably prove their credibility in relation to their partners and customers.
  • New business models: Only when innovative technology becomes broadly accessible, new products and services can be formed, which creates new revenue streams. The Evidenspace platform gives companies an easy entrance into the blockchain space without previous technical knowledge and gives them new opportunities for growth.

Evidenspace in practice

With the launch of the Evidenspace platform, blockchain has become accessible like any other web service. Similar to the way we use email, without thinking about the technical background, companies and individuals can now make use of blockchain technology. With the help of an immense number of partners, Evidenspace is already being used to build over 50 pilot projects from different fields:

  • Certification: Issuance of verifiable blockchain-based certificates in the fields of quality management, food standards, social responsibility, and many others.
  • Education: With both formal and informal education, blockchain degrees and credentials greatly speed up skills and education verification processes.
  • Supply chain: Automation and speeding up of the sales and procurement processes due to the possession of proper digital certificates. Implementation of track and trace systems for transparency and auditing purposes.
  • Automotive: Trustworthy digital passport of the motor vehicle with a full track record of used parts, inspections, services,... with a complete blockchain-based report about the car’s technical condition.
  • Art and fashion: Ensuring the authenticity of artworks or fashion creations and simultaneously tracking its origin, history, and provenance.
  • Collectible items: Issuance of blockchain-based certificates, proving ownership and provenance.
  • Tickets: Prevention of ticket scalping on secondary markets and the creation of extended content where the ticket becomes a collectible item itself.
  • Intellectual property: Protection and management of IP become easy and transparent. Assigning and withdrawing rights as well as monetizing are automated, allowing authors to focus on what they do best - create.
  • Documents: Increasing transparency by keeping public track of document changes on the blockchain, for documents like Terms and Conditions, Privacy policy and others.
  • NGO fundraising: Alternative ways of crowdfunding with the issuance of unique digital assets, which can also infuse additional transparency about how the funds will be used, but simultaneously give NGOs access to the blockchain space’s vast financial resources.
  • Loyalty programs: Various loyalty programs can get a completely new dimension by issuing their own unique digital badges, which can not only be exchanged but also traded.
  • Many others!

Blockchain applications outside of cryptocurrency will be essential in the coming few years, as more and more industries discover the immense value it can add to their day-to-day operations. The Evidenspace platform provides easy access through a simple user interface and an affordable business model to drive adoption even further.

If you would like to discover your company’s blockchain potential, the 0xcert team is offering a free one-hour consultation. You can go ahead and directly book a slot here:

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