Guide to 0xcert ICO KYC Process

Guide to 0xcert ICO KYC Process

Important info about Crowdsale

The only source for 0xcert Whitelisting, KYC, and Crowdsale is 0xcert’s official website and the only right domain is! To save any confusion, this is pronounced zero x cert and we use a zero (0) in the URL.

Whitelist for Public Presale is open until July 2, 12:00 CEST.

Whitelist for Public Crowdsale is open from July 2, 12:01 CEST until July 18, 17:00 CEST.

Whitelisting for Public Presale counts as whitelisting for Public Crowdsale, too. No need to whitelist twice.

Getting ready

If you want to participate in 0xcert Crowdsale or Presale, you must first pass the KYC procedure.

The following guide will explain the details and answer some questions you might have.

Before starting off, we recommend having two things ready:

  • Your Identification Document (Passport or National Identification card) and its scan/snapshot
  • Your Ethereum wallet address (always double check this when entering it)

Step 1: KYC Form

In order to qualify for 0xcert KYC, you need to be Whitelisted. If you are not Whitelisted yet, please do so first.

All those who have successfully Whitelisted will receive an email with the invite to join the 0xcert KYC. Without passing the KYC you cannot participate in the 0xcert Crowdsale starting on July 2.

In the KYC invite email, click on the Proceed with KYC button. This will take you to the 0xcert KYC form.

NOTE: The 0xcert Whitelist is open until July 18. KYC is open until July 31.

Step 2: Fill out the KYC Form

Fill out the form with your details. The information should match the data from your identification document.

Q: What details should I submit? I don’t understand some parts…

A: All fields are obligatory, except Middle name if you don’t have one.

  • First name

  • Middle name - if you don’t have a middle name, leave it blank

  • Last name

  • Gender

  • Address of residence (Street and number)

  • City / Town

  • Postal code

  • Date of birth (in month/day/year format)

  • Nationality - NOTE: United States, China, and New Zealand residents and citizens are restricted from participating in 0xcert ICO

  • E-mail

  • Mobile phone - please insert your mobile phone number with the country code

  • Country of residence - NOTE: United States, China, and New Zealand are restricted from participating in 0xcert ICO

  • State / Region - please insert the Region or State of your residence

  • Which ETH address will you be sending funds from? - insert your ETH address that you will use for participating in 0xcert ICO.

    NOTE: The ETH address that you provide must be compatible with ERC-20 wallet. You should NOT send funds from a smart contract or an exchange. If you do so, you risk losing all your deposit as it will not arrive to the right address.

  • Contribution amount (ETH) - how much are you planning to contribute in ETH

  • ID type - please choose either Passport or National Identity Card

  • ID number - please provide the exact number as it appears in your ID.

  • Your intention for purchase - please choose the reason why you’d like to participate in the 0xcert Crowdsale from one of the options below:

    • I would like to use the Protocol and its dapps
    • I am enthusiastic about blockchain technology and want to try everything
    • I would like to develop dApps base on the (0xcert) protocol
    • I like the project and I want to be a part of the user community

Before the next step, please double-check your data. If everything is correct, check the agreement checkboxes and submit your data by clicking on the "Proceed" button.

After that, a Thank you page should appear, bringing you to the next step.

Step 3: Submitting Identification Documents

After finishing the first page of your KYC application, you will be redirected to 0xcert’s KYC ID verification provider, the onFido authentication engine, which we employ in order to guarantee the highest level of security of data screening.

To enter this step, please click on the “Proceed to ID verification” button on the Thank you page.

Step 4: OnFido ID Verification

To verify your identity, please upload two pictures as a proof of your ID authenticity.

  • Scan or fully legible picture of your ID: Passport or national ID card (front and back picture)
  • A portrait photo of yourself - selfie

There are few things that could make or break your KYC application, please make sure that the submitted files meet the requirements below:

  • Your identification document must be valid (please check date of expiry!), without any physical alterations or other modifications that could compromise its authenticity and validity. The data should be intact and original.
  • The scan/photo of the document should preferably be taken in natural sunlight or other bright area, to make sure its data is legible and photo clearly visible.
  • The document should be scanned/photographed in its entirety, capturing all four corners, with the whole of its content visible and in focus.
  • You can take photos with your smart phone or digital camera, but please make sure to avoid any watermarks or logos coming from an app or program you use to download/edit them.
  • Your portrait photo should be a selfie (photo of yourself by yourself), taken at the moment of the KYC application.
  • When taking a selfie, choose a well-lit area, preferably indoors to avoid direct sunlight. Do not wear sunglasses, hat, or any other accessory that would make your image unidentifiable.

NOTE: If the files fail to meet the above requirements, the KYC provider could reject your application.

After choosing the files, click on “Upload” button and move on to the next step.

Once you upload and submit all the documents, you are done with the KYC. onFido will review and verify your identity. When the KYC procedure is finished, you will receive an e-mail confirmation within 24 hours.


Q: The button doesn’t work, it only shows “An error occurred” message. What now?

A: If by accident you land on the following page:

please return to the previous page, refresh it and try again.

Q: I applied to the KYC multiple times, does that increase my chance of participating?

A: We will only consider one application per user.

Q: What procedures have been implemented to keep my data safe?

A: We are employing onFido verification engine, one of the world’s best authorization solutions, ensuring the safety of your data.

Q: How will I know whether my KYC application has been successfully submitted?

A: After verified KYC, you will get the final email confirming that we have received your KYC data. If your KYC application was not successful, you will receive an email asking you to try again.

Q: I submitted the KYC form, but did not receive any confirmation email. Is my KYC application confirmed?

A: Try refreshing your Inbox or checking your Spam and Promotion e-mail folders. If you still cannot find any email from our part, please write us to

Q: Is Whitelist enough or do I need to pass KYC, too?

A: To purchase ZXC tokens, you need to pass KYC with certain identification documents. Whitelisting is not enough and does not guarantee your participation in the 0xcert ICO. There is no upper limit on the amount or value of purchased ZXC tokens.

What else should I know about the 0xcert Crowdsale?

  • Whitelist for Public Presale open: until July 2, 12:00 CEST.

  • Whitelist for Public Crowdsale open: July 2, 12:00 CEST - July 18, 17:00 CEST.

  • Whitelisting for Public Presale counts as whitelisting for Public Crowdsale, too. No need to whitelist twice.

  • Public Presale: July 2, 17:00 CEST - July 4, 17:00 CEST

  • Public Crowdsale: July 4, 17:00 CEST - July 18, 17:00 CEST

  • KYC open: June 20 - July 31

  • Token name: ZXC

  • Token price: 1 ZXC = 0.0001 ETH

  • Soft cap: ~5,000 ETH

  • Hard cap: ~20,000 ETH (estimated based on bonus distribution)

  • Currency accepted: ETH (Ethereum)

  • All token buyers will receive their ZXC token the latest 7 days after the final date of the Public Crowdsale.

  • All tokens that will not be sold during a specific phase will be moved to the next phase.

  • Restricted countries: United States, China, New Zealand.

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