The 0xcert team wishes you a happy new year! Let's have a look at 2019.

The 0xcert team wishes you a happy new year! Let's have a look at 2019.

Once again, a year has come to an end and we would like to take this oportunity to wish everyone a happy new year and thank our community, supporters and partners for your continous devotion. Let's take this opportunity and have a look at some of the highlights from last year.

Looking back, we are proud of everything we have accomplished in 2019. Development and code upgrades were a priority, we attended various international events, provided educational materials for the developer community and completed many other milestones. Thus, we would like to share this recap with you, but most importantly, we wish you a happy new year! Enjoy this magical time with your friends and families.

Development Roadmap

Our Roadmap and the 0xcert Whitepaper were the main compass leading us throughout 2019 in terms of product development.

  1. The 0xcert Framework v1.0.0 Odin
    The release of the 0xcert Framework v1.0.0 Odin marked a great and important milestone, enabling much easier development not only for our team but also for the developer community at large.

  2. SwapMarket
    Facilitating the first multi asset / multi user atomic swap on the Ethereum blockchain, SwapMarket has been a great showcase what can be built with the open-source 0xcert Framework.

  3. Wanchain integration
    Thanks to this strategic partnership and many hours of work fdedicated from both teams, developers can now use the 0xcert Framework to develop NFT powered dapps on both Ethereum and Wanchain.

  4. The 0xcert Verifier
    Being a crucial piece of the 0xcert open-source infrastructure, the 0xcert Verifier allows for easy verification of the validity and content of any digital asset issued with the 0xcert infrastructure.

  5. Evidenspace
    Driving adoption is key and Evidenspace is a major helper when it comes to that. This end-user application for businesses and enterprises enables easy interaction with the blockchain, issuance and management of unique assets.


  • The developer community has used our open-source tools to create wonderful dapp, just to name a few: Fabr(x), Thuleen, Arianee,...
  • Integrated Bitski to allow for an even more user-friendly connectivity with the blockchain. This comes especially to light with Evidenspace, where a seamless user experience is key.
  • Shortly after the Fork of Ernst & Young's Nightfall, 0xcert created a pull request to introduce Xcerts instead of general ERC721 non-fungible tokens in order to alow for better interoperability and selective verification of asset data.
  • Bug bounties are open for both the 0xcert Framework and the ERC721 reference implementation.
  • ZXC got integrated on Wanchain for cross-chain compatibility among only a handful of coins and tokens like BTC, ETH and MakerDAO.
  • The 0xcert Framework was successfully launched on Product Hunt, generating widespread interest.
  • Announcing that ZXC will be listed on, a hugely popular exchange, founded by no other than Damijan Merlak, founder of Bitstamp.


  • BTC Conference Miami was a fantastic event for 0xcert since we were one of the rare non-fungible token projects to attend, present and exhibit. Our CEO Kristijan Sedlak announced the launch of our 0xcert Framework on January 17 for the first time to the blockchain public, sparking a lot of interest.

  • NFT.NYC in early February was the undisputed center of global non-fungibility. Our team attended the event alongside other pioneers of non-fungibility on the blockchain, with our CSO Urban Osvald holding a presentation about academic credentials harnessing the power of NFTs.

  • The Java Script Meetup was organized for the Slovenian developer community in order to teach developers how to build a decentralized application with just the use of the 0xcert Framework and their Java Script knowledge.

  • The HEK.SI conference in Ljubljana gave voice to ethical hacking and solutions for data breach issues in the digitally connected world. Our CSO Urban Osvald held a talk about the threads and issues in the educational field - providing a solution in the form of non-fungible tokens and data management on the blockchain.


We managed to publish a bunch of technical and educational materials, accompanied with a few tutorials.


Although much attention goes to the technical and development aspects of 0xcert, we understand that building a larger ecosystem is equally important for the prospiration of the whole blockchain and NFT space. Therfore, we are proud both of The Non-fungible Alliance, a community of over 100 non-fungible projects in the blockchain world, and the 0xcert Gitter channel, providing quick help for 0xcert Framework dapp developers.

What about 2020?

The 0xcert team remains equally commited to bringing amazing things to the non-fungible token space and beyond. We are looking forward to an exciting new year, constantly pushing our plans forwards and engaging with everybody who showed support and trust in what we do and stand for.

May you all have a prosprerous, healthy and non-fungible 2020!

Happy new year!