0xcert is hiring, join us!

0xcert is hiring, join us!

The current 0xcert dev team is working hard on the release of the new products and non-fungible solutions. However, we can't do everything on our own and a day does not have enough hours.

To increase our productivity and to add a new value to the non-fungible blockchain space, we are opening new job positions.

👇 Dear developers of the world, this is your chance.👇

👨‍💻 1. Back-end Developer (NodeJS, JavaScript, TypeScript)

These are the skills we currently need the most. Since the majority of our work is creating back-end solutions, there is always room for new people working on it.

If you are a software engineering wizard with solid experience in blockchain solutions, we would like you to take over the development and maintenance of our back-end infrastructure.

Find more info and bring your share to the development of advanced blockchain solutions.

👩‍💻 2. Front-end Developer (VueJS, NuxtJS, CSS, SCSS, HTML)

Do you prefer front-end? There's room for you, too.

The 0xcert front-end and usability is as important as the back-end solutions. From web interfaces to community features, you can bring the backbone tech of 0xcert closer to wider adoption.

Check the job requirements and send your application over.

👨‍💻 3. Blockchain Developer

How about the blockchain, the groundbreaking tech of countless applications? Needless to say, 0xcert is not 0xcert without it.

To build the backbone of our instruments and products, we are looking for a multi-skilled blockchain developer that would coordinate and integrate their knowledge in our blockchain development.

What to provide and what to gain? Find more here.

🚀 We're looking forward to launching the future with you! 🚀