New York Blockchain Forum and 0xcert

New York Blockchain Forum and 0xcert

The excitement is building and we are ready to rock this city! Last time we were in NYC, the Big Apple welcomed us with open arms which culminated with our CEO being interviewed in Rockafeller Center by Craig Cobb.


Consensus was good to us but…

It only whetted the appetite for more. We are going to be in the city for the entire event talking to the most important people in Crypto. As the population of Slovenia is just a little smaller than New York, we will be doing our best to meet everyone we can, but this will be tough. To help us out, if you are into NFT, ERC721 and world changing technology, please reach out to us so we can secure a meeting.

Meet up and shoot the breeze

We know that ERC721 is the NKOTB of the Etherium world but it is as hot as Hansel

Therefore, time permitting, we will be looking to meet up with a group of NFT die hards so we can see what it is like to have the future all in one room together.

Wait a minute, why does New York get all the love?

Hold up, you thought that you would only find us in the Big Apple, really? We are going to be in a few other places as well.

We will be enjoying the company of some amazing people in London at The Festival of All Things AI, Blockchain and Emerging Technologies. Yes, a really catchy name but the speaker list is second to none and the location is at one of the hidden gems of London the Tobacco Dock.

Chris Burniske, Partner at Placeholder, is hosting the NFT discussion — and the participants include:

Two events would be boring — let’s go large!

Berlin here we come. Yes you will find us also giving a talk at the NFTs and the blockchain collectible paradigm MeetUp, hosted by Crypto Collectible Club.

We are giving a talk about Standardization of the decentralised digital ownership. It is not as dry a topic as it sounds, as this is the key to the future of ownership on the blockchain will expand to all items. Yes, this is the future and you get to see it live and in person, there is also free beer and pizza.

Join us there —
NFTs and the blockchain collectible paradigm - by BlueYard, 0xcert & terra0
*Pioneered by RarePepes on Bitcoin and CryptoKitties on Ethereum crypto-collectibles are a unique phenomenon poised to…*