NFT Spotlight #2 - CryptoDecks, trackers of non-fungible values

NFT Spotlight #2 - CryptoDecks, trackers of non-fungible values

The 0xcert NFT Spotlight Series is aimed at bringing to light the 50 shades of non-fungibility. From games to cards, and from protocols to supporting services, there is no shortage of uniqueness.

After, the second in line are CryptoDecks.

📢 Meet CryptoDecks

Lili Feyerabend, the founder of CryptoDecks, is a designer by trade. She is thoroughly aware of the immense importance of design elements when it comes to human interaction and understanding.

💪 What nut are they cracking?

The lack of accessibility to NFTs is real. Interacting with decentralized ecosystems entails a large amount of friction. From the need to manage your private keys, to paying several gas fees per transaction and setting up a new wallet each time, there are so many barriers to entry. CryptoDecks is tackling this problem by providing a simple interface for users to interact with their own and new NFTs.

🔧 How do they do it?

CryptoDecks provides a resource for nun-fungible value tracking for traders. Users can search, pin, and create lists of their favorite non-fungible tokens, while the platform ranks them based on the number of pins or votes on certain tokens.

Non-fungible Q&A

We asked CryptoDecks to share their non-fungible perspective on the NFT space with a touch of imagination.

The personalized view is brought to you by Lili Feyerabend, co-founder of CryptoDecks.

1. What do you expect to see in 10-years time in the non-fungible field? The most creative answers count double.

We think the use of NFT will become a commonplace not only in digital arts and gaming but also in real world assets such as real estate, finance and perhaps even in politics.

2. In terms of other NFT projects, which one would you nominate for a Golden Globe and why?

GodsUnchained is a surefire winner for its epic theme and design and perhaps some (unravel) drama among the Gods!

3. What would you rather have - your pet cat tokenized on the blockchain or a tangible, strokable 3D-version of your favorite crypto-asset?

Let’s tokenize Lili’s pet cat Gio while watching Netflix and Chill?
(How couldn’t one tokenized this lol).

4. A CryptoKitty and an Axie enter the ring. Who wins?

It’s not easy to fight against the cat y’know...

5. Finish the joke: “CryptoDecks walks into a bar…

Elon Musk sitting at a counter says: “How come I'm worth less than Dragon CryptoKitties in your list?”

CryptoDecks says: “Didn’t you tell us to have the price secured only at $420?"


A big thank you to CryptoDecks and Lili for their contribution to the NFT world and to our NFT Sportlight Series!

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