NFT Spotlight #3 - KnownOrigin, the non-fungible art platform

NFT Spotlight #3 - KnownOrigin, the non-fungible art platform

The 0xcert NFT Spotlight Series is aimed at bringing to light the 50 shades of non-fungibility. From games to cards, and from protocols to supporting services, there is no shortage of uniqueness.

After hearing it from and CryptoDecks, next to present their non-fungible views is KnownOrigin.

📢 What's to know about KnownOrigin?

If you can only use one word to describe the team behind KnownOrigin, it's passion. A directed passion, with an almost noble aim of empowering artists & collectors to create, discover and own rare assets on the most respected Ethereum marketplace.

💪 What’s the nut they’re cracking?

These smart guys are after bringing the art market comfortably into the digital age. And then some. KnownOrigin provides a marketplace for creators, artists, and art collectors, on which the very best of art and collectibles is curated and showcased. Using blockchain technology, their solution provides a foundation for proving and managing true ownership of authenticated, trusted and verifiable digital artworks.

🔧 How do they do their magic?

The whole affair is rather at the forefront of new technology as it relies on non-fungible tokens. The digital assets are stamped with immutable metadata, publicly declaring the art, artist, and associated properties, hosted decentrally for all to see and view. The power of Ethereum is utilized along with smart contracts to provide a trusted and secure way to ensure provenance and chain of custody.

⛓️ KnownOrigin in action

In the KnownOrigin gallery, you can check the latest digital artworks, compare them, and buy them for your own collection. It's also a great way for young and promising artists to start their path towards the art stars.

Non-fungible Q&A

How does KnownOrigin feel about the evolution of NFTs and their application in real life (and their imaginary world)?

James Morgan, Co-founder at KnownOrigin, explains.

1. What do you expect to see in 10-years time in the non-fungible field? The most creative answers count double.

James: NFTs currently represent a small but rapidly growing and innovative field, we have no doubt NFTs will be seen action in places which we can't currently envisage, from digital arts and trading cards to games and concert tickets. NFTs are set to be consumed around the world and not just by collectors of cats!

Andy: I want my house to be an NFT and I want to be able to see that I own it on Etherscan (or similar). This technology will change how “things” are owned and exchanged. Tokenisation is going to mainstream and people's mindset will understand the common behavior of tokens like they do currency today.

2. In terms of other NFT projects, which one would you nominate for a Golden Globe and why?

We'd like to nominate OpenSea for the Golden Globe, they have always been helpful and engaging. They have developed an innovative product which helps lower the barrier of entry for developing and trading NFTs. They were ahead of the game and saw the potential before others and should be credited for that.

3. What would you rather have - your pet cat tokenized on the blockchain or a tangible, strokable 3D-version of your favorite crypto-asset?

Why restrict it to only those two, what about holographic collectibles and tokenized biometric tattoos!

We see NFTs backing real-world things just like us humans carry passports.
I want my ham sandwich to have an associated NFT so I can own it and then eat it.

Owning immersive experiences. Using a combination of AR, VR and digital content to build and own the experience you have just had, i.e., go to a music event, take some pics, film the band on stage, tweet about the show and then 'Mint the experience & own that moment.'

4. A CryptoKitty and an Axie enter the ring. Who wins?

Both are cute and cunning - but we all know cats are just pretending to be friends with us. They hate us, really. CryptoKitty wins.

5. Finish the joke: “KnownOrigin walks into a bar…” Decentraland and can see artwork on the walls from the world's best digital artists for sale as NFTs. Orders a drink and enjoys the view.


Even though the header image is quoting James only, we thank both KnownOrigin Co-founders, James Morgan and Andy Gray, for their contribution to the 0xcert NFT Spotlight Series and the NFT space as a whole. Keep up the great work!

Check them out and follow KnownOrigin on Twitter, Telegram, and Medium.

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