NFT Spotlight #5 - OpenSea, customizable NFT marketplace

NFT Spotlight #5 - OpenSea, customizable NFT marketplace

The 0xcert NFT Spotlight Series is aimed at bringing to light the 50 shades of non-fungibility. From games to cards, and from protocols to supporting services, there is no shortage of uniqueness.

In our fifth post in a row, we bring OpenSea to the spotlight. (Check the bottom of the page for links to other interviews of the Series.)

📢 What's the thing about OpenSea?

OpenSea is the world's largest marketplace for crypto collectibles. If you own any NFT or you'd like to buy some, this is the place to look at. You can even launch a new storefront for your precious non-fungibles, customized according to your non-fungible topic and target community.

💪 What nut are they cracking?

With the number of NFTs growing crazily on a daily basis, the need for trading them is increasing, too. Maybe you grew tired of a particular asset and you're eyeing a new one, for either of the struggles, you could find a solution on OpenSea.

🔧 How are they doing it?

On the one hand, OpenSea allows for browsing and trading of over 1,200,000 digital assets. On the other, it lets you put your developer skills at use and provides you with the tools to create a brand new marketplace for whatever non-fungible thing you have lying around. Whichever option you choose, OpenSea allows for easy trading of NFTs.

⛓️ OpenSea at work

OpenSea marketplace lets you browse among hundreds of NFTs, and you can find the next addition to your non-fungible collection filtering them by rarity, issuer, generation, ID of the token, etc. You can either bid an offer or purchase it straight away, all through the MetaMask extension.

❓ Non-fungible Q&A

As usual, we asked OpenSea to provide their unique opinions on where the industry is going and how do they value other NFT projects or ideas. Through our 5-step fungible Q&A format, they brought the OpenSea-ness to our Series.

Devin Finzer, Co-founder and CEO at OpenSea, shares his answers to the 0xcert plot.

1. What do you expect to see in 10-years time in the non-fungible field? The most creative answers count double.

I think we'll see a lot of activity in purely digital gaming worlds first, followed by the tokenization of real-world assets. I think we'll also see a blurring of the lines between games and real-world economies.

2. In terms of other NFT projects, which one would you nominate for a Golden Globe and why?

There are so many great NFT projects coming into space, but probably my personal favorite is CryptoVoxels. The developer is quietly building a mini virtual world (and it's already live!). He leverages OpenSea for the marketplace for his parcels, so it's a great example of bootstrapping a project on the various pieces of the increasingly modular blockchain ecosystem.

3. What would you rather have - your pet cat tokenized on the blockchain or a tangible, strokable 3D-version of your favorite crypto-asset?

Strokable 3D-version. I think I could probably tokenize my pet today, but I wouldn't want to sell it!

4. A CryptoKitty and an Axie enter the ring. Who wins?

A Chibi Fighter swoops in and breaks up the fight!

5. Finish the joke: “OpenSea walks into a bar...

Orders water in order to get some liquidity.


A big thanks to Devin, we loved your answers and - of course - your team's work for a better non-fungible tomorrow!

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