Non-fungible Alliance is expanding

Non-fungible Alliance is expanding

The contact list in the Non-fungible Alliance records is getting longer each day. And so does our internal communication channel where non-fungibility is daily on the menu.

This week, we are proudly announcing the arrival of new members to the Alliance.
In alphabetical order, we welcome:

The Alliance network is now over 70-members strong. In a few weeks since it marked one month of building the non-fungible society, that's a pretty nice growth rate right there.

The diversity of talks among members hasn't lagged behind, either. Each of them is bringing their own share of knowledge, curiosity, and incentive for collaboration, while our chat channel is growing into a mile-long archive of references, invites, and discussions.

The 70+ members of the Alliance are benefiting the power of sharing groundbreaking ideas and peer support. However, despite its name, the Alliance is not only limited to non-fungible tech projects, but it also gathers companies looking for solutions and other service providers.

Maybe you should join in, too? Check out the advantages and apply for membership.

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