The Non-fungible Alliance marks one month since its launch

The Non-fungible Alliance marks one month since its launch

As almost four weeks have passed since our idea turned into the launch of the Non-fungible Alliance, bringing the focus to the non-fungible of the world and providing a platform for joining forces, here is the recap of the last month.

Since day one, the number and diversity of members and allies have expanded substantially. The list now includes the following names:

In total, there are now well over fifty projects on board. Yes, fifty with a 5 and a 0. A pretty enviable number considering the launch was just around the corner.

From the big bang to the formation of matter

During this past month, the non-fungible allies have engaged in many insightful conversations and produced miles of chat history, connecting a wide range of ideas, projects, and companies innovating in a variety of segments.

What we have learned so far will strengthen our position and activities in this space. There is a whole specter of initiatives situated between pure collectibles and real-world assets. Through the collaboration of Alliance members, such projects (and new ones!) can leverage early adoption, placement on the market, and community awareness.

Challenges and expansion

Non-fungible space is also about to experience a massive learning curve: how to tackle, overcome and solve user experience issues, improve authentication of issuers, participate in disruption of various industries, innovate the established business models, etc.

Overall, we are excited and proud to see some incredible projects built on the principles of non-fungibility that will shake the space to the core and devote their energy to increase their real-life adoption. To make the whole blockchain- and non-fungibility-thing closer and more accessible for ordinary people, not crypto or tech geeks, the projects are aiming for seamless experiences of their platforms and products. The blockchain tech is still a very narrow niche, and when looking for increased adoption, the projects are starting to get out of the binary bubbles and face the reality of tech-illiterate audience.

Apart from a platform for conversations and support, the Alliance will soon begin to offer new website features, online events included, to add value to the community and to each of its members.

A lot has happened during these last few weeks, and we have only just begun. Without a doubt, non-fungibility is a strong force of attraction.

Want to join in and become an equal member of the Non-fungible Alliance?

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We'll see you there!