MILESTONE: The Non-fungible Alliance Established

MILESTONE: The Non-fungible Alliance Established

The Non-fungible Alliance has been inaugurated.

0xcert is about technology. About developing code for the benefit of a broader community and advancement of the life, work, and interactions as we know them.
But it doesn’t stop there. 0xcert is also about making ideas happen, building a platform for the community to interact, grow, and learn from one another.

Today, we are proudly introducing the launch of the Non-fungible Alliance.

The goal of this big bang is extremely straightforward, simple and honest – to gather the random NFT satellites into one common non-fungible universe.

It all comes down to bringing power to non-fungibility.

Who is it for?

Are you an NFT-related project or developer?
Maybe you’d like to employ NFT tech in your business?
Or maybe, you provide support services for both of the above?

There is room for all of you in the Alliance.

Here is how you can leverage the network:

1. Community
No isolated project or mission ever made it far without being introduced to a broader audience of peers, advisors, people that are more experienced, and those who provide a non-biased honest opinion. The Alliance’s community doesn’t judge, it supports.

2. Adoption
No matter how excellent the code, how smart the team, how revolutionary the idea. Without a solid start and growing adoption, it’s harder to make all the dedicated work worthwhile. The non-fungible space top experts provide guidance and priceless experience when launching a new project on the market.

3. Resources
The light-speed evolution of the tech at large and the non-fungibility on the blockchain particularly offers no time to rest. In case you have missed some important topics, exciting news, and intriguing articles, the Alliance provides and updates you with resources about the field.

4. Exposure
Since much effort can be committed to developing projects and materials around them, sometimes there’s not much time left for spreading the message and finding the right channels. By starting your exposure within the Alliance, you get a significant advantage compared to starting on your own.

The Non-fungible Universe is Expanding

The Alliance was inaugurated with a number of founding members already on board. Among others, we are proud to call the following names our non-fungible allies:

The more projects and businesses joining in, the stronger the gravitational force for all the rest, as we continue our endeavors to open the doors to a shared platform for all non-fungible works.

How to join in?

New members can apply to join the Alliance anytime. It’s free and just an application away. The project count is getting bigger and bigger, so make sure you get a well-deserved share of the spotlight on time.

Join the Non-fungible Alliance

See you on the other side!