What comes next for 0xcert

What comes next for 0xcert

Crowdsale sold out

It took a little longer than the Public Presale, but an hour after opening, the Crowdsale was sold out.
It has been a very intense period for the whole team but having the hard work be recognized by the 0xcert community was an amazing feeling.

Now the work starts

Actually, that is misleading. The entire sale was run with the help of Xcert KYC token that is based on ERC721 standard and is part of our protocol. In the coming months, we will be finishing up the protocol and framework development, start working on dapps and expand the 0xcert ecosystem with partnerships and projects that are already building on 0xcert protocol, such as Principle Network, Gledos and Medical Dao.


We have launched on Ethereum, and after that, we will be pushing onto other blockchains with the goal, as stated, to become completely blockchain agnostic. We believe that the Non-fungible movement will be driving the next phase of innovation. So we are going to be looking to grow both the blockchain partnerships and also support other companies building Non-fungible projects.


Building the Developer community is something that was always the core focus of 0xcert. By making building dapps easy, we have focused on opening the door to many more developers to start creating blockchain projects.

Growing our team

We are hiring! In the coming few days, there will be new positions opening. We will be very careful to add the right mix of skills to augment the 0xcert team. Out of all the next steps, this is the most critical, as adding to and improving our amazing team needs to be done carefully. We have done a good job so far and will continue to find the best people, location will not be a barrier.
See what job openings we already have available.

More ZXC tokens

There were a lot of people that wanted to buy ZXC tokens, but unfortunately, due to the speed of the sale, not everyone was able to do so. We have received many questions on Reddit asking if there will be another sale. The answer to that is no.

Keep in the loop

In the coming weeks and months, there are going to be a lot of updates from partnerships, new dapps and events. The best way to keep up-to-date with all these announcements is to sign up to our newsletter.