0xcert on Product Hunt

0xcert on Product Hunt

So we went out on a bit of a limb yesterday and launched on Product Hunt. Thanks to our amazing community, The 0xcerters, we were able to secure 7th place finish.

While 7th place doesn’t seem the greatest victory, we beat out launches from Instagram, Google and the BBC, so we are happy.

We really want to thank you one and all for being behind the project from day one and are looking forward to exceeding your expectations when we launch.

Why Product Hunt?

This is a notoriously useful hype machine that has the chance to bring new eyes on an already successful product. We chose to launch on Product Hunt as what we are doing at 0xcert is for more than just the regular blockchain crowd.

More eyes on the prize?

As we are focusing on making dapp development, accessible to all levels of developers, it is important to us to be seen on a variety of platforms. This is not the only reason for launching on Product Hunt, we also understand that we have infinite use cases and we have only scratched the surface of what 0xcert will be able to offer in the Non-Fungible space.

Strongest communities are diverse

Building a diverse community means being seen in different places by people with different interests. This helps discover different use cases that, as of yet, we have not seen.

A big thank you

From the entire team at 0xcert thank you for the fantastic support and do not forget to whitelist so you can take part in our Public Presale on the 2nd July.