Highlights of 0xcert Public Pre-sale

Highlights of 0xcert Public Pre-sale
  • 17:00 CEST Launch Public Pre-sale

  • 17:06 CEST Public Pre-sale sold out

Simple, right? Well, it was not really that easy, though it was a quick result. We will not bore you with the full details of the arduous preparation, but we are happy that we made it look simple. It means that the amount of caffeine that has been consumed has been worth it.

Remember how unique this is

We are currently going through a bear market in terms of ICOs and also in the entire Crypto market, so to sell out in 6 mins is amazing.

Having said that, there was something even more unique about the public Pre-sale and that is:

the very first crowdsale
with ERC-721 KYC tokens.

This is HUGE! In the Crypto world, this is an enormous milestone and will go down as a game changer for the entire blockchain space.

Tokens sold

We sold a lot of tokens, including a few more than we had expected actually. The lucky people who got their hands on the extra ZXC coins got a bit of a bonus. Other than that, it went off without a hitch.

Some amazing numbers

Let’s take a deeper dive into the statistics of who participated and show you the first 6 minutes of the new Non-fungible world that has just been created.

The countries

We have been a project that has enjoyed a lot of support from across the globe, so to see the amount of countries contributing is not a surprise. Saying that, we are very happy to announce that 21 countries took part.

The tokens

Tokens sold in presale: 71,157,402.8 ZXC

  • 11,859,567.13 per minute
  • 197,659.45 per second

We still have 43,842,597.2 tokens available for the crowdsale on the 4th July.

Remember to Whitelist or fill out the KYC process so you can take part. Having seen how quickly yesterday went, we are again expecting a rapid sale during the crowdsale. To make sure you do not miss out.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out on Telegram.

Thank you

Thank you not only to all the contributors but to the entire community for supporting us in our pioneering journey. The support from around the world shows that we are solving a global issue. We believe that this is just a start of our journey to accomplish our mission.

There is still chance to participate in our crowdsale on 4th July, at 17.00 CEST.

Whitelist for Crowdsale