Important Announcement for Public Presale

Important Announcement for Public Presale

Since the beginning of our excited 0xcert journey, we are lucky to have the best community that believes in us and in our product that has the potential to revolutionize the way we store, manage and verify assets such as house or real estate, artworks, academic credentials, and ID documents.

We are discussing some important partnerships with well known blockchain startups, which we expect to reach a final decision within the next couple of days. In order to provide maximum information to token buyers, we have decided to move the starting date of our Public Presale from the 26th June to the 2nd July, so the Public Presale will last from July 2nd to July 4th. We are convinced this is in the best interest of token buyers so that they have most the relevant information before the beginning of Public Presale. That means the short amount of patience we are asking you to exercise will be a huge benefit to all.

Important information is that the date of the Crowdsale remains the same, from July 4th to July 18th, which means that the distribution schedule stays the same, tokens will be unlocked as planned, only the time of Public Presale is shortened.

As you know, our communication is always honest, direct and open, and it will stay that way. We strongly believe that transparency is the only way to be successful and build a community.

We know that we have the most innovative and game changing technology on the blockchain and we are more than ready for the next step on our way to build one of a kind product.

You are the driving force behind us being the best.

Your 0xcert team